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  1. I say that no because, well, it's like if there was a huge fandom on Spongebob or something, which is not as bad. However, I do acknowledge that some bronies are also furries, therefore creating a brony subset of the furry fandom and vice-versa. Otherwise I guess it's 2 different things. Think of a Venn diagram, one side being the bronies and the other being the furries.
  2. I have a cat, she's so affectionate and loving. She's always loitering on my bed or the desk, it's so fun. And it's pretty awesome. :3
  3. Yeah, for Rainbow Dash, since she's pretty similar to Sonic, any Sonic theme song would fit for her. For Pinkie Pie, I would say LMFAO would pretty much fit.
  4. Android. Best thing ever. I have the mane 6 running on the screen with the Android version of Desktop Ponies.
  5. That's at my workplace. Yup, I actually get paid with this desktop.
  6. Yeah, that might be a good idea. And yeah, what about MLPForums swag?
  7. I let everypony knows, I guess it's in my nature to let everypony know stuff. My mom knows that I'm from the Internets and my brother is a brony too, so she knows about ponies. My Facebook profile is even dedicated to Rainbow Dash lol. Most of the people seems to not care (my boss at work: oh you like cartoons, nice), one of them thinks it's for pedophiles (but he's a special case, aka a troll from the Internet that leaked into real life, so I make fun counter-trolling him). Very few of my real life friends are bronies.
  8. Juju

    Hockey ponies

    They never used it because the Nordiques moved to Colorado the year they were supposed to use it to become Colorado Avalanches. Anyway, I find the logo kinda unfitting, but it fits so well with Fluttershy's scream face.
  9. Look at my avatar. Now look at this. http://www.sportslog...logo.php?id=288 So yeah, pretty much my first pony fan mashup.
  10. Yeah, a pun on the old 1995 logo they should had used if they didn't moved to Colorado. But they did and the logo never got used. Ashbad, dude, I was working, I have a full-time job now. Also you might want to try to clear your cache.
  11. Québécois bronies unite! Yeah from each forum I go I only know like only one other French Canadian... ARE WE SPECIAL? Also um I changed my Gravatar did it worked?
  12. Indeed I am. Yeah I'll just change it RIGHT NOW. Thanks for the warm welcome guys.