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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. The animation in this episode was really great, and Weird Al did a really good job playing Cheese Sandwich.
  4. I know he's based off of Weird Al, but everything about him makes me think of Danny from Game Grumps.
  5. I'd want Pinkie Pie. She's just so purely happy and joyful. And she cares about the happiness of others, too. Who would you want as a friend?
  6. No siree bob. Do you own a drawing tablet?
  7. A poorly-wrapped bean burrito from Taco Bell. It's the cheapest meal on campus.
  8. Moments I loved: - Pinkie chasing after Fluttershy's training, shouting "I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU!!" Then a balloon floats by and Pinkie's like "oooh, something floaty!" and hops after it -When Discord dresses in a hospital gown, and turns around while talking to the Mane 4. They all flinch and grimace, like he's flashing them in his open-back hospital gown. LOL -Pinkie's about to scold Discord, so he pulls out a balloon and INSTANTLY Pinkie's face turns into this: SOOOO CUTE <3 <3 -Discord's song -Harry Potter reference! -The producers of the show added a subtle Wilhelm scream when Twilight and Cadance were chasing that worm monster back into its hole. It was very slight amongst the roars. LOL Honestly, the monster they fought was creepy and gross. If I had watched that as a kid, I would have been freaked out by it.
  9. Pancakes thick, warm fluffy pancakes with butter and syrup. Now I want some reallly badly...
  10. I loved this episode basically because of the interactions between Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps. Soon as Biceps giggled as Rarity put flowers in his mane, I was like "Okay. I love this." That, and Derpy. I also totally relate to Rainbow Dash in avoiding a hard decision. Choosing not to make a decision at all, rather than go one way or another, is something I've struggled with so much in my life. Twilight Sparkle was really annoying in this though. She was so unhelpful to Dash by saying "This is a decision you need to make on your own." I mean, obviously, but ????? HELP YOUR FRIEND, OMG! Just a single word of advice would have helped, or even just listening to her. Not shaming her. Not turning tail and walking away with a snide, holier-than-thou remark. Jesus. The Wonderbolts also seem really out of character. Where does this concept of them being jerks come from?? If Rainbow Dash is a better flyer than Soarin, and Spitfire keeps learning from her, why don't they just make her a Wonderbolt already??? I don't think the episode's moral was a good message for children at all. Be loyal to a place, simply because it's where you're from and where your friends are from? Even if there are better opportunities elsewhere? Yeah. Dunno about that.
  11. Somehow, that image disturbs me. They're so.... squishy.
  12. I think it's cause they don't want to ruin their image as a mainly family/kids company by producing things aimed at an adult niche. It seems wrong not to, since they could make a lot of money. Since a lot of bronies are adults with an income. I guess they can make more money by maintaining their image.
  13. I related to this episode pretty hard. My thoughts: -There's such a deep guttural feeling of anger and hatred when someone steals your ideas and claims them as your own. -Rarity feels bad for taking her friends for granted and working them all night. She's way too hard on herself. I mean, no one is perfect. Even if she's the spirit of Generosity, she can't exude it 100% of the time. -I love the setting of Manehatten. -Rarity's "Hotel Chic" was cringey and ugly. That lampshade hat....... I wanted to "LOVE" this episode, but honestly, I hate Suri Polomare SO MUCH, it brings my rating down to a "like" status. That character just hits too close to home.
  14. When I was 5 or 6, I had so many nightmares of the same thing. I would be alone in my basement with the lights off. Suddenly, I'd hear a weird growling noise come from the very dark laundry room. Then this giant sasquatch-gorilla thing-- super big and hairy-- would burst out of the room and lumber towards me. I'd try to run away from it, but I would only run in slow motion. I'd run suuuuper slowly. I'd usually only make it halfway up the stairs before it caught up to me. When it did, it would pick me up, then bite into me like biting into an apple, right on my back. I'd wake up with my back tickling. It sucked. I had that dream soo many times. I don't even know why.