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  1. It's Christmas time for everyone and I wish to all of you a special and enjoyable time with your family and friends (even if I have to study a bunch and haven't been active 'cause of studies) :)

  2. Well a strange question because reasons? Girls, what's your personal record staying awake at night? Mine was from 10 PM (when I finished eating dinner) to 9 AM of the next day!
  3. I'm gonna leave this here :)
  4. More Sunset pics! I had this one too, so cool
  5. I agree! They r pretty something! I wish I could make some, all my music on my phne is from them
  6. It can mean that yup, but I was refernig to the video MEPs, in that case MEP means Multi Editor Project (I love to see them!)
  7. Do u girls know what's a MEP? (I'm back muahahaha *cough*)
  8. I'm a girl... if I were a boy (because reasons?) I would choose Rainbow Dash (in human form and just because I can only choose between the 6 mane...)
  9. Okay, so I got all the Sunsets objects, dunno how or why but hey, I have them!!! So good memories looking at them :mlp_yeehaa:

  10. I tried to answer to the Sunset's poll but I can't (maybe I don't have an specific "rank").

    But even if I could it is very difficult to just select one fav moment! Perhaps how she gave her own memories to protect their friends' in Forgotten friendship was the best for me but the part when she sings "You're never gonna bring me down" in Rainbow Rocks is awesome too :dash:

  11. I still remeber the FG with this pic! I loved how Sunset was the protagonist and helped Twilight
  12. I loved that chapter!!!!!
  13. I chose mine 'cause I love how Sho of TWEWY was pretty damn cool saying math riddles and said always "So Zetta Slow" 'cause the main characters didn't get the solution of them! (And also 'cause I love riddles)