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  1. Hello dear ponies, I'm back there just for one status update - to inform that I will appear from now almost only on Discord (@Iam#2883). I wish to have a pony to talk or vent, overthinking very often makes me unnecessarily worried and lack of ponies to talk with intesifes the issue. Also, I would like to find a person with passionate attachment to Starlight Glimmer as I am open now for people wanting to roleplay with their characters, with me as Starly. As of the moment of writing I'm feeling very dull. The mood changes very fast, but I try to have that little piece of sanity that didn't go crazy yet and just wishes to have happy life.

    Have a nice day,


    Maybe I will come there one day, just convince me on Discord and done.

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Iam


      Thank you... that someone remembered... I left PonyTown since being banned on one of the Ask Starlight Glimmer threads... but maybe I'll be back, I don't know... Either way, thank you for care, that means a lot today... *hugs*

    2. Denim&Venöm


      Glad I can help. *returns hug*

  3. That pony is seen only in two episodes of the first reason. It's a dream pony of some other pony and in finale it seems like this pony is very arrogant toward that other pony. Who is that pony?
  4. Is it Derpy Hooves? Oooki... hmmm... A gifted Unicorn with powerful magic, thinking much differently from other poneis and not experienced in social situations (not that it's bad right).
  5. Just for a moment, to adore their culture. Brazil or Canada?...
  6. The most romantic thing I find in my partner is that he is so patient and empathic towards me >< Question: What do you find so special about your partner in relationship?
  7. wow... completely got overwhelmed in the past months with school, duties and private stuff. I reminded of existence of this forum few days ago, maybe I should get back to this forum...


    btw I wanna say something... I really regret my irrational behaviour in that Ask Mane 6 & StarTrix behaviour... I was so excited, that I didn't get into my heart any warning signals from all the sides. Now, when I have my new roleplay with my friend @Outnick, so I don't really care anymore about no possibility of chatting with real Starly... althought I still have pain in my heart for this... and I'm constantly reminded by that blockage for the thread... eh... too much to tell to write here...

    I guess I'm happy by being back here. Welcome again.

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    2. Scar


      Seems you and I return at around the same time.

    3. Iam


      yup @Califorum :) Nice to see good friend after some time ^^

    4. Scar


      I'm glad that you are sorry for your irrational behavior, and I'm glad that you have changed.

      I no longer hold a grudge against anybody here, and it is good to see you after this long time.

  8. To get the attention of the viewers, it's adviced from me to not upload strictly casual gameplays. As for me, new *touches* work (for example, extreme difficulties, new or unused features, custom levels in the game that they were only a dream for years etc.) Tagging correctly is very vital part, as tags are connected with keywords searched on YouTube. Surprising your viewers with something creative or unexpected is also nicely judged. That's from me, as the little gameplay youtuber with 600 subscribers. Link to my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKmnn5gilF0lXdJ8xg8k2NQ?view_as=subscriber
  9. Hugging... Report pos4 minutes ag @Tacodidra @Rikifive @Luna's Admirer @AJ2489 (blatant copy sorry) And the biggest hug to @Outnick!!!
  10. Keys for home, wallet, documents and the most importantly... the 6cm figure of Starlight.
  11. Starlight asked me to wish you a very merry birthiversary!

  12. Merry Birthiversary!

  13. A happy birthday friend!