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  1. Good morning, how are people?

    1. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      Good morning Scoop. :)

  2. Hey, um everyone who knows me. Won’t be very active because of something last night I can’t talk about. The most active I’d be is responding to messages if I message/anyone messages me. Have a good week y’all!

  3. Hey...I’ve been absent again.

    Depression is fun ain’t it?

    (I won’t go into more detail unless specifically asked, don’t want to be banned.)

    1. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      Welcome back. :)

  4. Happy happy birthday to you! Lots of cake and fluffy ponies all for you!


    1. Sweet Scoop

      Sweet Scoop

      Thank you! Sorry for not being here...

    2. DivineCheer1000


      @Sweet Scoop No problem! You’re here now... although I think the cake’s gone stale now. :P

  5. Super sorry for the really long wait! All participants sell their souls!
  6. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

    Long time no see.

    1. Sweet Scoop
    2. TheRockARooster


      I’m OK, cold but OK.

      How are you?

  7. Anyone in the gaming community here up for a speedrun/randomizer race? 

  8. Thoughts on Taylor Swift’s new album, ‘Lover’?

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    2. DivineCheer1000


      @Sweet Scoop Their latest album is so good! Pretty much every song is awesome!

    3. Charlie


      fave songs are 'Lover', 'The Archer', 'London Boy' and 'Miss Americana'

      it's an amazing album

    4. Frosted Heart

      Frosted Heart

      I still need  to listen to it

  9. Banned because I’m just casually pretending I was here the whole time!
  10. .....that is so precious and adorable. Just yeet my avatar out of the way. lol.
  11. Just casually sliding back in after randomly disappearing. Totally not weird or anything. Hi.

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    2. DivineCheer1000


      @Sweet Scoop Awesome! I love making fanfics too! I've got one on here in the works actually!

    3. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      "Totally"? :o

      Hi again. ^_^

    4. Sweet Scoop

      Sweet Scoop

      @Totally Lyra Hi! How’re ya? :)

  12. 3/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXd2WxoOP5g One of my favourite songs...ever.tbh.
  13. The Plot (NOTE: Redo of an old RP that went nowhere) Food ran out a week ago. Water just ran out - the water covering the planet is gone; dried up. In desperation to keep the pony race alive, you make a rash decision - and sell your soul to Scorched Forest, the ruler of Tartarus. In other words, the devil She strikes a deal with you: complete the tasks she sets for you, she will keep you from malnourishment and dehydration deaths. One goal in particular she sets for you - kill Celestia and Luna. If you succeed, she has promised to revert the apocalyptic events that occurred a decade ago and restore the world to its former glory. If you fall out of line, you will either be severely punished (with debuffs) or eliminated entirely. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There are two possible endings: 1. You complete the missions and restore peace. 2. The party dies in failure, and the planet as you knew it will never return to its glory. The Rules Inform us before you take a hiatus! Example: From June 9-16(or 18) I will be on vacation and a week or so hiatus. Only an example. This is a text-based RP. No complaining! If you fight with other members, I won't hesitate to kick you out. (Thus killing your character) Tying in with Rule 1, we won't pause the game for you. As for interacting with Scorched, it will mostly only be after task completion. All dice rolls are done by me. When they are necessary and I haven't seen that yet, PM me! Speaking of hiatus. If you badger someone to participate during a hiatus we were aware of, I WILL kick you out. As for post length...i have a lenient minimum of 3-5 sentences. This is a cross-website RP. So my friend from tumblr will give me their posts and I'll post them here! Have Fun! If you're beefing with others here, do let go of your argument ASAP. How To Enter! I will only accept 6-8 people. If you want in, please follow the below steps! 1. Comment on this post, linking your posted OC on this site and PM me. 2. If you post after i get 8 people, you ill beon a waiting lis 3. You will receive a message back telling you you're in! List of people currently registered: 1. @asksparklingcider (tumblr) - Lavender Spectrum 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  14. @Blitz Boom Matrix looked him over for a good moment. He didn't seem too bad of a threat. Rather, since he was an earth pony, it wouldn't be so hard to dismantle the situation. Stepping backwards a step, she focused, zoning in on the stallion. She cast a lullaby spell on the stallion. In success, which she felt was likely due to his species, he would plop asleep within a few simple seconds. If this happened, she would up and walk outside, a new idea in her mind. As she'd pass Stare, she would stop to speak. "I'm legally innocent. Think about it." She would step outside, shutting the door behind her, walking casually down the street, depositing the cup the stew was in inside a public trash can. She'd smile to herself, knowing her plan had worked and she couldn't be convicted of murder nor assault.
  15. Perfect Xmas song for kids!