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  1. Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! (points to whoever gets my reference) *wink wink*
  2. I'm an outgoing introvert who is often mistaken for an extrovert. Probably because I have no filter and can't shut up to save my life. I'm loud and blunt and crazy but I get drained very easily by being social and desperately need my alone time. MBTI says I'm INFP but I'm not entirely sure I agree with it. My dog is my best friend too!!!
  3. Remember when they almost stopped being friends because of cupcake flavors? That was so funny!!!
  4. In the movie Twilight and her friends became Sea Ponies aka Hippocampi so why can't I list that as my favorite pony race? You have alicorns and crytalline ponies as an option but not sea ponies, why? Please add them as an option if you can!
  5. Thanks guys! p.s. these emojis are soo cool!!!
  6. I really hate Pinkie's Pride cuz Cheese Sandwhich was so mean to her and her friends did nothing about it
  7. Newbie here I come to get welcomed!