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  1. That’s mlp g1 logic for you. But they’re cute lil’ seaponies, who’s gonna yell at them?
  2. It was originally meant just for preschoolers (referring to 1981 when the first toy came out). It was a little groomable pony toy for little girls. It wasn’t expected to get that popular. Well, it did. So many people way older than grade school age were collecting them and obsessing over them. Because of this, they made it a tv show. The show was very juvenile for many years until g4 when the brony fan base was big enough to be considered when making the show. The writers made the themes a bit darker for older viewers (like slavery, a world war, brainwashing, etc). At the same time, they made sure to keep it enough for little kids and kept the show’s juvenile nature (cupcakes, rainbows, whatnot). So yeah. Mlp from the very beginning was meant for little girls, but g4 was meant for all ages (and that way is here to stay 😄).
  3. I . . . don’t know. I haven’t talked to any bronies my whole life until January the 6th this year. So far, everyone’s incredibly nice. Like all my other websites and in real life, I’ve yet to meet any nasty people. (No one has ever been rude to me before. I guess I just happen to live in a safe area.
  4. What does banished mean? Is it a ban?

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    2. Deerie


      @Dank Pony Child Doe hits them with the banhammer

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      @Deerie *Blivy gets bump on head* Ouch ;w;

    4. Dank Pony Child

      Dank Pony Child

      how about banished to the sun? 👌😎👍

  5. Maybe he became paler from too much video game screen time. XD
  6. My pony’s already in da my little pony go groove. Photobomb. Fluttershy looks legit nervous.
  7. My oc has finished converting to the religion of pony life. Lemme tell ya, she does look like hell. (Totally not a reference to the toy ad)
  8. I once started my day at 4:00PM 😎
  9. [context]
  10. image.jpeg.feac218b023a4558b07f77d7c03e0328.jpeg

    1. Bastian






      Following you was the best desicion in my life!

  11. Yas! A PL thread! I’m in the process of converting my unnamed pony oc to gen 4.5 already! Here’s a base I made in the process, btw. (Credit me) it’s based off the leaked advertisements. Sorry about it being sideways (and, um, standing up). It lacks on ear because it should be covered by hair.
  12. Umm, hi. Nice to meet you two. I’m . . . um, yeah. My creator has trouble naming me. Since you guys are basically the co-rulers of equestria, I was wondering if you had any super advice. PS sorry if I keep glitching into the floor. My creator didn’t have time to properly draw me. 😩