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  1. [=~ Well, this was an obvious question. "Well, I was just wandering, really. I tend to do that." ~=] I apologize for the time it took for me to respond. I kind of forgot about this.
  2. [=~ At that she tried her best to contain it, and she succeeded in pushing back the tide of reality. Though, likely not for long, considering a frozen tear had fallen and just shattered on the floor, and that the blizzard around her wings was back, and that she had just gotten much, much colder. Cold enough for frost to start forming on her coat. Far below freezing, actually. Below zero on either scale. "U-umm... No-not really..." ~=]
  3. [=~ Midnight? I'm the narrator here, and Icy is the character. Don't bring Midnight into this. ~=] Eh? Somebody call me? [=~ No, **** off Midnight. And hey, I said I'd try, I've been doing pretty good so far, think I'm allowed to do it at least once, alright? Anyway, moving on. He would discover something about Hybrids in return- though not knowing thats what she is- when he hugged her. She is quite a bit softer than a normal pony, except for her wings- made of metal- and her horn- because its a horn. Though I don't think he would feel her horn, at the moment, considering I'm pretty sure that he isn't in contact with it. Anyway, alongside her softness, her body temperature depends on her emotions. At the moment, as is usual, her temperature is about halfway between the average body temperature for a pony, and the freezing point of water. Though it rises slightly over the course of the hug, considering she is still in fact mostly pony. Though her wings are only just barely over the freezing point of water, which is why when she gets excited, or fearful, or generally emotions like that, her wings can go below freezing and cause the snow and frost.
  4. [=~ She looked at him, attempting to push back her fear of warmth, before replying, "S-sure, I guess, i-if you want to..." ~=]
  5. [=~ She looked at him, tilting her head. "Po- oh. Its not a portal, its simply allowing access into the magigen's magic reserves as a physical space, then when it closes it translates everything into magic. When it opens again, it uses magic to translate back to a physical form. And as for that, all I really need to do..." her horn frosted over, the usual faint glow from the ice, and the usual snow swirling around it, before it stopped, nothing visible having been done. "There we go. Just adjusted the timer for how long between all signatures exiting and unlocking the button. Should be fine now." ~=]
  6. [=~ She looked at her, smiling, "Nope, went better than some tests I've done in the past. Alot better, actually. Typically my tail is gone completely afterwards... Think I have a bit of bad luck when it comes to my tail and my inventions." ~=] [=~ At that she laughed, hearing what he had said, "Yeah, it is. The plasma cannon I invented uses an array of needles with plasma generation spells bound to them, alongside unidirectional levitation spells bound to another set of needles to push the plasma out of the tube. All of that is encased in unmelting ice, and powered by a magigen that I invented. Its a device that generates magical energy entirely on its own, to power bound spells. Quite powerful as well, but hard to make. Well, that kind is hard to make, anyway, I have invented simpler kinds. Though they are still probably some of the most complex things I've ever invented... I'm getting off topic, aren't I. Sorry, tend to do that when I start talking about my inventions. Anyway, the plasma cannon was invented solely for self defense in extremely dangerous situations. Like being between a cliff and more than one hydra." ~=]
  7. [=~ She looked at him, tilting her head, "I never said that was a time that I was careful. I was mentioning that as that was when I learned I should be careful. After that I started trying to learn pretty much any shield spell I could find. Even the wierd ones." As soon as the button was pressed, the hole closed. For about one whole second, before opening again, showing Icy looking out the hole, while she was halfway in a hole to her own expanse. She proceeded to go back into- fully- the machine's expanse before walking out of the machine. Though it did close behind her a bit too quickly, taking the very end of her tail off. Looking behind her, a bit annoyed, "Why exactly is it always my tail that gets hurt when something goes minorly wrong? Not my mane, or my, well, me, but always me tail. Kind of annoying. At least it didn't do much to it, unlike that one time with the plasma cannon... That one almost incinerated my entire tail..." ~=] Think they deserve a bit of explanation, Void? [=~ Probably. I know that Midnight told you that she can't cast anything heat related, correct? Well, despite that, she did find a way to bind heat related spells to objects, though only relatively weak versions. Said plasma cannon uses multiple plasma generation spells bound to a pattern of needles inside a tube of ice- the unmelting kind- and then those plasma generation spells were in turn connected to a magigen, something she invented entirely on her own- with a bit of help from studying timberwolves- to generate pulses of magic to power bound spells. The pulse sent to the plasgen spells causes them to do their thing, and then another spell, a pushing force spell, like a monodirectional levitation spell, is activated to send the plasma out of the tube. Good enough of an explanation for you, Midnight? Or should I continue to bore them with irrelevant information like this? ~=] Yeah, thats good enough. Hopefully. And yes, magigen is supposed to be a combination of magic and generator. It is a magic generator. No, she is not willing to give it to anyone, because of the fact that one can create things like her plasma cannon with it.
  8. She laughed at that. "Trust me, I know how to be careful when it comes to my inventions. The blizzjets in my wings?" She raises one of her magimechanical wings as the "feathers" open up vertically to reveal an icy blue glow, alongside a humming sound and snow forming behind the wing. "First time I tested how fast they could go when I'm overcharging them with my magic, I was almost incinerated by the friction with the air. Barely managed to redirect a bit of the magic I was sending into them to myself in a cooling spell," she lowers her wing back down to her side as the feathers close, "Don't really need to be told to be careful... Plus, when has inventing ever been an entirely safe thing to do, anyway?" That last "question" was said in a manner which showed it obviously wasn't a question. As well, this should have indicated that fact, she walked through the device as soon as she finished. "Alright, ready to press the button?"
  9. [=~ She tilted her head, looking at her, legitamately confused. "Did I not explain how it works? I apologize for that. The detector specifically looks for the magical signature of one of the common sapient races on this world. For example, a dragon, or one of the types of ponies, or a changeling, or... Well, you get the idea. It wouldn't lock for something it didn't recognize. If something it didn't recognize was inside, it would just light up the panel. Therefore, I need to enter to ensure that it does in fact recognize what I tried to set it up to recognize." In no way did she say any of that in a offensive tone. More just as if she was explaining it for the first time to somebody, not as if she was having to explain it again. ~=]
  10. @Blitz Boom [=~ As Pop was looking at Benny, Icy had decided to just use a bit of ice as the object. She used her magic to coalesce a bit of air into a ball, freezing it afterwards. Frozen air wasn't that big of a leap, considering in her more fun- at least for me- state, she had frozen fire before. Besides, its magic, don't know why I'm even trying to give you reasons why it makes sense. It dosen't. Its just magic, deal with it. Anyway, having the ball of ice levitating in the air, she proceeded to levitate it into the expanse and onto the "ground" of it. Walking over to the button on the left, she closed it, then switched and opened into another "version" of the expanse, placing a cube of ice in that one. Then she switched back to the first expanse, where the ball of ice was still there on the ground. She levitated it out, before letting it go back to its normal form- air- and switching back to the second version of the expanse. There, the cube of ice was still waiting, which she did the same as she did with the ball of ice with. Then she switched it back to the first version of the expanse. "Alright, works perfectly fine. Can you come over here and operate the button, Pop, while I go inside and test the anti-trapping lock? Need to make sure it works. And don't tell me its dangerous. I know it is. If I do get trapped in there- or erased- after you press the button, though... Well, can't really think of a better way to die than to die to one of my own inventions."
  11. [=~ Normally, Icy would have protested to this. However, she could- very occasionally- recognize a lost cause when she saw one. Protesting that was, in her eyes, clearly a lost cause. When Benny went inside, however, she didn't even wait for Pop to drag him out, her dragging him out would mean going in there first. Instead, her horn frosted over, the ice glowing the same icy blue glow as usual, snow swirling around it, before Benny was promptly bounced straight out of the expanse by means of bouncy expanding bubble shield. Lets just say, inventing the way she did it usually caused her to want to learn a variety of pretty much any kind of shield spell she would need- mostly- and this was one of them. Why? No clue, but she thought it might be useful at some point, and apparently she was right. Just not in terms of inventing. "Nope, if that thing breaks with you inside, you are never coming out. How about the first test is us using an inanimate object rather than Benny, is that something you can agree with, Pop?" ~=]
  12. [=~ When she heard that, first question, she laughed. "How much? Nothing, getting the chance to actually invent something like this is quite literally the only payment I need. Normally all I invent are smaller things, something like this is once every few months. I had fun, it works, and it is doing what it is built to do for someone who needed it. As for the thing about the imprisonment potential, I actually found a way around that. Pretty much all I did was put a lock on the button that locks when someone goes in, and unlocks when the same number of people that went in, come out. It can be disabled by a little hidden button on the back of the top, though, if you ever need the ability to trap an intruder in it or something. Though, honestly, um, I kind of got caught up in designing it, so I may or may not have forgotten to make it an actually moveable thing."
  13. [=~ As soon as she said that, Icy yay-ed and immediatelly opened up the hole, grabbing all the materials she needed in her levitation, alongside the ice cube blueprint, and began working on it. Only taking about twenty minutes, she finally did he final steps, her horn frosting over, glowing with a faint icy cyan light, snow forming around it, and a line from her horn to a spot on the device formed. After a minute, the stargate looking device was completely finished, all spells bound. "Alright, there we go, should work now. Using a magic generator I developed, alongside a bound version of my storage spell and an activator spell. When you press the button here-" she pointed to a button on a panel to the left of the arch, "It will open the hole. You press it again, it'll close it. Now, just to warn you, it is entirely possible for you to get trapped in there if someone tries to. Also could be used to trap others in, if- oh my... I just made the perfect prison... Anyway, I kind of went a bit overboard and added a system to allow you to assign different versions of the expanse to different button combinations over on this panel-" she walks over to a panel to the right of the arch, "And I added a whole array of different projection spells so it'll project a screen above the panel you can look at and type names with for the different button codes. If you don't want all of that, though, you could always just stick to using the left panel by itself and it will still work perfectly fine."
  14. [=~ As she was honestly barely able to control herself and keep herself from just grabbing the materials out of the spell right then and working the plans for the storage device, the moment lasted just that- a moment- before she asked, not quite able to hide the excitement in her voice, "Can I start inventing now? Please?"
  15. [=~ She laughed at that, due to the fact that she has never considered creating milkshakes work, placing them in the same category as inventing. "Sure, though its not really work. I do understand your meaning, though." ~=]