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  1. Vacation's over and I'm back in the game! Some would (and did) cry and scream when their jackdaniels bottles are snatched away and they are thrown back in the unit but tankman honor is strong with this one
  2. Ooh this is an interesting topic as I love reading about different religions and their history & development! I am always super fascinated by people considering themselves religious telling me about their beliefs in detail. I am an optimistic, existential nihilist myself though and below are some tidbits of what that means in my specific case: Under the current empirical evidence I find it the most rational thing to believe that life has no objective meaning, destination or natural value. Humans are simply organisms in the vast churning endlessness that is dictated only by laws of physics, and as such it is useless to try to anthropomorphize it to be some kind of magical thing even if we as a species are particularly good at that. I simply say "I do not know" at the wonders of the universe that are gaps in my knowledge instead of automatically connecting it with something that cannot be proven and closing the book on that note. I will simply wait for the relevant concrete evidence of a thing to eventually come by as it generally always has done throughout history as science develops, if it is to appear during my short lifetime. If not, well... then I will die just a little bit more stupid than the next generation but it is what it is lol! The optimism comes from the fact that I do my best not to fall into the usual nihilistic pitfalls such as the endless pessimism it is often caricatured as, the thoughts of "life has no meaning so what's even the point?" and such. Life doesn't need to have any objective meaning or "point" behind it, for while baseline existence itself just might be objectively meaningless, we can all determine our purpose and goals ourselves and do what we want to do in the short time that we have. It is in fact much more relieving in the end, of course as far as I personally see it with all due respect to the religious folks. I am not judged by some entity and thrown in a DOOM level without any weapons, or any other of the billion trillion depictions of a scary punishment for a naughty person who didn't believe in thing X or Y. I can simply do what I wish to do, be who I want to be and achieve what I wish to achieve within the respectful boundaries of what has been deemed non-detrimental to others in our societies who have their own sets of aspirations and live life to its fullest... until my lifespan has simply run its course and my brains one day cease their functions.
  3. I am an optimistic nihilist 👁 I don't drink coffee but I am addicted to caffeine~ I have a slightly chipped tooth from falling down and punching myself in the face with the stock of an assault rifle One of my tables has a hole in it because I couldn't beat the Ludwig boss in Bloodborne with less than like 50 attempts I am a tad bit jelly at my sister's Instagram clout I drink like a fish (un)fortunately I'm pretty big on physics, nerding out about ballistics ever since I stopped chewing on a pacifier I used to be a gym rat but it sort of died down when I failed the exams to one of Special Forces I applied for. But I am a happy tankman now so all's good, I do still have weights, a weight vest and a pull-up bar home My general scatterbrained personality and an ever-joking attitude usually make me the punchline of the joke, but I've come to accept it as a part of who I am and most people know me as the jester of the group IRL even if I sometimes appear super deadpan on the internet. If you want someone to collapse on the floor laughing you can probably call me The Tetris blocks of evolution somehow congregated to form an ensemble in which a big part of who I am is dictated by an American children's cartoon about ponies
  4. Aw thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you think that way~ Your follow-up post was also great! So does this mean that you'd be interested in setting things up? If so we could start working on your character so I can mold the starting scenario to be something that fits her! You could perhaps explain things that you've already come up with regarding all her stuff (that you wish to share, I don't need to know everything if you want to keep things ambiguous or to be found out in RP and stuff) from her appearance and personality all the way to her abilities and history etc. And I can possibly help wherever needed to make her great for this plot!
  5. Two shapes could be seen in the far distance, their heads poking over a small ridge every few minutes. One of the shapes was certainly calm and collected, fixing the position of what seemed to be a lengthy firearm using magic while the other was frantic and twitchy, almost seeming as if it was on the verge of a panic attack. With a closer glimpse one could see the nigh unnaturally large shape of a unicorn who was wearing a pre-war riot helmet and a trench coat that dragged the soil, at least now that he was sitting down and by the looks of his pose struggling to squint through the scope of a wooden hunting rifle. Next to him was a zebra mare whose mohawk of a mane was as messy as they came, her eyes darting from one point to another as her starved figure paced behind her companion impatiently. "And where are its wing-sisters? Know we must, or we'll soon be dust." Her raspy voice finally called out, apparently growing tired of her partner's continued silence. "We'll probably know in a drop of a hat, when they blast us in the flanks." He chuckled as if it had been merely a joke, the masked face complete with its red visor glancing over his shoulder ever so slightly regardless, followed by a yet another, albeit much more muffled chuckle that hinted of a sudden loss of confidence. He soon glued the lens covering his right eye back against the sights of the rifle. A moment of silence elapsed. "Hm, it do be lookin' kinda sad fer some reason. Lacks the usual, crap-eatin' grin." "I care not if sad it looks, perish they all must in my books!" She hissed at him before continuing in a nigh pleading manner. "Make haste... it must die, shooting it you will now try!" "Yeah alright, let me just call the local Steel Rangers contingent real quick an' tell 'em ta brin' five miniguns an' a homin' missile launcher fer good measure. Do ya seriously think this huntin' rifle is gonna even tickle it? I heard these things are mighty tough." "Then what suggest you?" The unicorn slowly reeled his head back and rose up to his full posture, his emotionless gas mask staring into the distance while the twinkilng of magic momentarily increased in volume as the rifle was levitated above his head level. It stayed up there for a moment before it was lowered again so that its sling wrapped around him, the sound of unicorn magic finally ceasing when the weapon was released to hang relatively loose on his back. "I suggest that we turn 'round with little noise, leave the err... poor awful old thing ta sulk an' return ta home base. There we inform everyone that the expeditions just done became high-risk. " - - - I am very sorry for taking a while to reply haha, I hope you don't mind! But that's what I came up with on the spot, hope it meets your standards! (But if not feel free to tell me, I won't be mad lol!) Your post was good too!!
  6. Oh I see, well... I'm sure there'd be plenty of ways for us to weave things in a manner in which her connection to the Unity would be severed even if the Goddess was alive... if that's the kind of character you really want to experiment with! Well that's up to you and what you feel like, I will be glad if you are interested but if not, well, I won't mind haha! All I can do as an anwser to that is reassure you that writing is a big hobby of mine and I take time to proofread my posts for any mistakes I know of! My post lengths vary from around three or so paragraphs at their smallest to things like my biggest ever opener that is 4.2k words, and while I don't have any recent pony RPs, I can provide you with writing samples from my various stories if you'd feel better that way!
  7. Your avatar reminds me of Kale from Dragonball Super:




    1. Sauerkrauts


      Yeah she's my little mascot lol! I don't know anything about Dragonball but now that I checked the character out I can kinda see where you are coming from! :D

    2. Splashee


      Well, the haircut is similar. In Dragonball, some characters can go "Super" (their hair becomes (golden/blond), and they do it usually by holding they fists up while powering up, similar to your avatar. I like!

  8. While I don't know the exact timer, I've had this idea for a pretty long time to be honest. On and off at least a year and a half or so molding as a coherent story, before that mostly just as character ideas and separate scenes in my head! I am in the process of writing an actual fanfic with the premise as well, but a RP plot is what it started as! To answer the second question, while the precise time of the events is kept vague, it is set before The Goddess' death and alicorns as an antagonistic force are a prominent presence throughout the roadmap of the story!
  9. Heyo, and welcome to the forums! Well I guess it's because this is a very specific plot set in a very specific sub fandom, I have tried this on other places as well for a couple of months but you are the first to reply haha! The story only needs one player as I personally don't do serious group RPs at all... unless they are some kind of "open" things where you can just hop in and throw a few paragraphs for fun lol! But yeah only one person needed!
  10. I'm a young guy who is still in the phase of finding things out but I often feel like I am the kind of person who cares more about a personality rather than just the physical things. Currently I know that I at least have interest in women as that is what I have any kind of experience with, including trans etc. But I also know that I've kind of had feelings for people identifying as cis males as well so... I'm just waiting for a guy to bring me a big bunch of flowers and take me out to see what happens with that lol! So tl;dr I guess I am kind of pansexual-ish, tho questioning a lot of stuff!
  11. What country? Your gun looks like an AK variant. I have a AK :D

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    2. Sauerkrauts


      Awesome, I wish I could own some cool guns myself as a hobby! Here real guns are mostly all prohibited sans the hunting rifles and such under strict permits so I had never even held an actual firearm before my service started haha! :adorkable:

    3. Thankful Brony 42

      Thankful Brony 42

      I could show you my collection.

    4. Sauerkrauts


      Well if you want, I certainly don't hold anything against it! 

  12. Thanks! And oh just some airsoft games, my local field was closed not too long ago so I have to travel a bit to the next nearest field but it's a super fun hobby that I have been doing ever since I was a wee kid. Nothing's more pathetic operator than larping as some kind of a super soldier with all them patches and gear lmao! And while I can't really disclose the exact combat role as per all them silly rules & regulations, I am doing my army service as a main battle tank crewman! I just got on vacation and enjoying life for a couple of weeks before I go back in to be fundamentally destroyed lol! (I think I posted an image just before leaving a little while ago)
  13. Oh my dearest apologies for not seeing this! ^^' As a complete music junkie I pretty much listen to everything from point A to point Z but my specialty reigns in hipstering around with more underground stuff, usually ranging from borderline violent techno to extreme metal! Thanks for asking though!
  14. Me hanging out in my Airsoft gear like a nerd and about to go operating some operator stuff. And yes yes I'm a daddy long-legs, runs in the family
  15. Looking badass my man, your hair also slightly has that kinda "greaser" aesthetic that fits with it perfectly imho!! Did you do the paint yourself?