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  1. I wrote this song based on the Friendship is Witchcraft series! It's about Applebloom suspecting Sweetie Bell is a robot (: Thanks a bunch to Firebolt for the artwork!
  2. Awesome! Okay so yeah ideas wise, it just needs sweetie bell in it, either part robot, or full robot. I was thinking maybe a picture of applebloom and sweetie bell sitting in desks and applebloom sort of looking over at her like she's freaked out. Or maybe sweetie bell looking in a mirror and she is a robot but only in the mirror. Either way I want you to do what YOU want to do because that always seems to be the coolest when I ask artists to do that. Shaded is again up to you. And a few days is fine. I'll probably be working on this for a couple more days and as a musician I've learned time m
  3. Hey yall. I'm close to done with this song and I was wondering if maybe someone wanted to make an album cover for it? The song is about Friendship is Witchcraft. In the song Applebloom is suspicious of Sweetie Bell's robotic tendancies. You'll figure it out just listen to the lyrics. What I was hoping for an album cover was perhaps a picture of sweetie bell in robot form (or perhaps half her robot face is exposed). Maybe it would be cool to have her and applebloom sitting side by side and applebloom looking shocked at sweetie. As always I prefer artists just to do what they think is best!
  4. Anyone want to do some artwork for a song?

  5. So I did a cover of Beyond Her Garden last night. I'm also just going to post my latest original since I uploaded that only a few days ago.


    Finally finished this. This is my first attempt ever at any form of drum and bass or dubstep or really whatever you would consider this. Hope you guys like it!
  7. So me and my friend Thomas H. decided to collab. It took a little longer than expected but I think it turned out all right. Comments appreciated! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIqgPFYc_l8
  8. Decided to do a vocal cover of Gypsy Bard while I procrastinate on other things. I'll have new music soon. Tell me whatchya think.
  9. Just posted a new thread about a song I've got in the works now. Opinions please!

  10. Featured on EqD voop voop

  11. Macaroni is a word that downright never looks like it is spelt right. Oh. Also looking for collab partner. So... yeah.
  12. Omggg Im getting like so excited now seeing these gallery images.

  13. Starting a new song and I thought it might be cool to live stream this one. So if you're interested, watch here! http://www.livestream.com/xxzander1994xx

  14. I will be making an animation short of the OC Bo is working on for me. Something along the lines of introducing myself to new subscribers.

  15. The singing sounds a lot like Still Alive from Mirrors Edge. Anyway this is an AWESOME track! It sounds beyond professional. Something you would hear on the radio and would be a hit!
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