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  1. 3 minutes ago, Ace Muffins said:

    idk, i mean, i respect your keyboard preference, and by all means i support it, its just that only now i saw you had a few blog entries, and decided to chek them out :mlp_please:

    Please dont let my past blog posts influence how I'm perceived to you; the me that made those posts no longer exists and decided that there would be no point to sharing what he had to say.

  2. 1 hour ago, Ace Muffins said:

    The inherent problem with this is: QWERTY is the default everywhere, from phones to computers.

    People fear changing the defaults, that's precisely the reason that QWERTY is now popular, you can even see it in other areas as well, for example:

    Did you know that Bing (in the US) currently holds almost a third of the search engine market share? You can see why this is when you remember that bing is the default search on all Windows machines, some people are just too afraid to ever change anything in their life because they think that it'll ruin everything, I myself know that, I once tried switching from Windows to Linux, lets just say I ran back to Windows in like 2 hours.

    Uhh, when did my six year old blog post become relevant again...?

  3. I guarantee that all proof readers there will be friendly and constructive to you. Otherwise, you can simply inform me any disappointing behaviour and I will do what's necessary.



    Yeah, I'm pretty sure having someone provoking me over the lack of confidence over the thing that I wanted to have reviewed that's based off of what I originally wanted to have reviewed weeks ago is detrimental to the legitimate lack of confidence over the thing that I wanted to have reviewed that's based off of what I originally wanted to have reviewed weeks ago. And even after that, it destroyed my entire confidence in writing, even after I said that I didn't want any jokes about my stuff.

  4. I'm trying to read what you have, but there's a lot for me to get through.


    What I know is that you have just as much crap as I do, and it's wearing down on you. I know what it's like, because I've gone through the same.


    What I really want, and maybe you'll want this as well, is some sense of closure on the matter, and just saying Merry Christmas because it's Christmas ain't gonna cut it; You have to say it like you mean it. You've built up an entire Internet life, but there's no correlation between it and your outside life.


    I really can't imagine trying to help you because it'd just switch over to myself, but I just want to try.

  5. I've tried to learn colmark and Dvorak, I couldn't because I have to use QWERTY on the school computers and I cannot seem to learn more than one keyboard layout.


    I forgot to mention: All computers have the option to switch to Dvorak. Just don't forget to reset to Qwerty so you don't ruin it for the others, and don't forget to request special authorisation to do so.

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