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  1. Please people, call prosecco prosecco and champagne champagne. You don't want the French and Italians on your tail.

  2. OptimisticNeighsayer

    Searching Next Generation RP Recruitment

    I'm a bit confused: You say "The children of our old heroes must rise to the challenge" yet your examples are of children of characters not among the Mane 6.
  3. OptimisticNeighsayer

    How many days can you go without sleep?

    I’ve gone about 42 hours without sleep at most, usually if I had to pull an all-nighter on a paper. I don’t know if I can go longer.
  4. OptimisticNeighsayer

    Say something totally random!

    The standard deduction for a single filing for tax year 2018 is $12,000.
  5. OptimisticNeighsayer

    What is your dream job?

    A judge. Ideally, I would be on the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, which deals with a lot of patent cases, as IP was my specialty in law school. I won’t have the political clout or resume to get on the Supreme Court, though one can dream.
  6. OptimisticNeighsayer

    Have you ever seen the user above you on this site?

    Not until this thread.
  7. OptimisticNeighsayer

    Movies/TV Does Star Wars work better on the TV Screen?

    The original Star Wars, and probably the original Star Wars trilogy itself, was certainly a cinematic watershed at the time they came out, and are still praised by many today, including many of the fans that bash the newer movies. The TV format seems better suited if your concern is worldbuilding or consistent and steady character development. But movies can create a sense of space and epicness that certainly characterizes the Star Wars franchise. So both have their place. You just need the right writers and directors working on each.
  8. OptimisticNeighsayer

    Open Casual stroll

    Ivory was relieved to hear her words. Although he was apprehensive that she knew the Regal Sisters, and might have been their agent, it still was far less off-putting than proclaiming herself a deity. Without even nodding, he turned around, adjusted a few stops, and softly played the first few notes of her request. After the long fermatas in the introduction, he gave a hesitant, barely audible chuckle as his back hooves played the gentle, rolling bass line. It was an old tune, dating back to at least a hundred years before the Foundation Era, and had survived through hundreds of arrangements throughout the centuries reflecting changing tastes and styles. He, of course, played the oldest version he knew, a mid-Foundation Era arrangement that most scholars believed best preserved the original melody line and harmony. The piece was in fact standard at the conservatories, used to teach not only different classical (and a few popular) styles, but, at least as to this particular arrangement, shifting textures and harmonic rhythm. Even then he wasn't sure if this strange unicorn recognized the tune. After about ten or eleven minutes of melodic inversions, polyphonic figures, and other variations of each of the three main themes and the interlude, he went into the grand coda, hearkening back to the introduction but much grander, intricate, and brighter, with soaring chords played so loud that he could see the pipes shaking a little, and then softening it to a slow perfect authentic cadence, a repeat of the first few notes of the main theme, then a trailing arpeggio in the Vox Lunae stop. Then he stopped, and looked back up to the towering pipes. He remembered what Vivid said about moving the organ to his own shop. It was not something that occurred to him. It was his understanding that although the Regal Sisters had not used the castle for centuries and did not mind the public using it, they never actually relinquished title through sale, adverse possession or otherwise. He had even heard rumors that Princess Celestia was going to declare it a formal historical site. Indeed, that is why he had come now, so he could have free access to the organ before a park ranger or some other bureaucrat could tell him no. To play and to restore it seemed fair game, but to take it out seemed to cross the line. He turned back around, adjusted his glasses, and tried to comprehend the strange unicorn's reaction. This young pony truly was a special case. "It's a bit bitter like tea, but with a sweeter flavor," Starlight said as she poured his cup and gave it to him. "Especially with marshmallows." She took a seat behind her desk and nodded. "You won't be wasting our time here, Cover-Up. We believe that anypony--well, nearly anypony--can learn friendship and the magic and joy it brings to life. We've taught friendship to dragons, griffons, yaks, and probably a few others by now, who many ponies believed could never learn friendship. So tell me, where are you from, what brings you to Equestria, and how did you learn about this place?"
  9. I haven’t forgotten about this. It seems I was more busy before than after Christmas. I’ll have my next post up by tomorrow.
  10. OptimisticNeighsayer

    Boop a snoot, any snoot

    The first time I was mentioned, I didn't care... but I'm too lonely now, so have some boops back! @Phosphor @Wannabrony @Tacodidra @Justin_Case001 @FearTheBelle @DivineBlood1000 @Midnight Solace @CoffeePonee
  11. OptimisticNeighsayer

    Are the Mane 6 not allowed to save the day anymore?

    I'm glad they aren't saving the day all the time. The show would have gotten rather repetitive if they were always the heroes. On the other hoof, the Student Six really aren't at the forefront of the new toys Hasbro is putting out. And, as @Nightmare Muffin often points out, variations on the Mane Six still dominate.
  12. OptimisticNeighsayer

    What do you remember about your first day at school?

    Absolutely nothing. It seemed that school was just another place I had to go to.
  13. OptimisticNeighsayer

    Any brony Model Railroaders?

    I do a little every now and then. I really like putting together the model buildings, so I hope that someday I will have enough to create an HO urban landscape, with el trains and subways and lots of skyscrapers. Most model railroaders like to do rural scenes, and I'm not surprised--creating the rolling mountains and expansive forests and farms is cheaper and is has a stronger nostalgia factor. But there's so many of those, I decided to be unique.
  14. OptimisticNeighsayer

    Is Pinkie a better candidate?

    In Equestria, Friendship is not just about being a socialite, and it certainly shouldn’t be biased in favor of extroversion. Friendship is presented in the show as a quasi-religious, philosophical concept/ethic that the more intellectual Twilight Sparkle better represents. Twilight also does a lot of advising others on friendship (see “Amending Fences”) which unfortunately doesn’t inspire the writers much. Even early on in the show she seemed to get to know other background ponies fairly well (“Bridle Gossip” has her saying “Daisy, we need to talk” as if she knew her personally). I agree though that Twilight doesn’t “show” friendship as much as Pinkie. It’s something I wished the show did more.
  15. OptimisticNeighsayer

    Jeric's Political Views

    This is just too nutty.