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    Um, ponies duh.
    Horseback riding, animals/ nature, reading everything, learning about random things, sometimes I have sprees in which I try to memorize English royalty IDK why... drawing, cartooning especially, writing fic and fantasy (not dirty fantasy), Harry Potter, LOTR, cartoons (I like Disney), collecting ponies, being crafty and evil hehehe... right...
  1. Happy birthday!! :D

  2. Happy birthday, and where have you been ;___;

  3. at work with a tummyache and dreading babysitting. What on earth do teens need to be babysat for? Well, I'll at least make sure they don't burn the house down.
  4. To each their own. Nothing wrong with not being super obsessed about the show and least you like it somewhat
  5. I think that Angel and Pinkie are secret geniuses that have portals to another realm. But Angel knows more (and is more powerful than Celestia herself) and will one day show us this realm with a vey big voice. Being a pet bunny is just his alias.
  6. For some reason, maybe because I'm not too familiar with little kids and their habits, but I don't see them as stealing. Maybe seeing something small on the floor and taking it thinking it doesn't belong to anyone, or else finders keepers, but I guess anything is possible. I would like to say that parents are always watching their kids but yeah... after having been to the store last week, I don't think they all do... in fact some don't they just say "go to the toy section and play while mommy goes and looks at groceries". And that's how I got hit by a bouncy ball
  7. I watched G1 as a kid so that would be my favorite but the voice acting and animation needed some love and the baby ponies needed to go away forever, but I love it G2 was okay. I still remember the theme song by heart since I watched it so much when I was little.
  8. Heeeeell no! I've loved mlp (well I didn't love G2 and G3.5 but I don't hate them since they are ponies... never mind, I hate G3.5) since I was a kid so I couldn't hate the show since it was trying to revive something I thought was totally awesome or anyone who liked it. Probably since I've spent a good portion of my life trying to convince boys that colorful, sparkly, talking ponies were cool. For me, this was always awesome and bronies make me happy.
  9. Last night I had a dream that I stole two ponies from the store and felt horrible even after I woke up this morning. Being a brony doesn't mean that you're angelic and nice all the time (or at all). My guess it was a younger brony still relying on his parents for money and too embarassed to ask them for money or use his own to pay for it at the register. So he takes it figuring that they're really cheap so he won't be doing too much harm. At least that's how I see it Could also just be a random asshole. Or someone could have opened the bag to see who was in it, put it back and AJ fell out and just got lost. Or it could have been some stupid kid.
  10. I have a feeling Angel would have a potty mouth and curse out Fluttershy when she was being mousy. He just seems like one of those tiny tough guys that tells it like it is. Now that I think about it it's probably good he can't talk. He'd hurt Fluttershy's feelings way too much.
  11. Sister is out of the hospital and life is somewhat back to boring normal, sigh, I need an umbrella drink and the sun

  12. Spike was supposed to take down the Celestia letter but then I think Twi told Rainbow she should do it herself (Rainbow wanted to read). I was bothered by the fact that Rainbow thought it was okay to be stupid and not read...
  13. time to eat the chubbies!

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      they are delicious!! They taste like you could never believe!!

    3. Nah


      That rainbow one tastes like skittles, mmm

    4. Scritches


      NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! What have you done? ;.;

  14. why do we have to wait until American fall? Why not Australian fall These will be mine all mine. I will beat out those punk 4 year olds for these toys! You'd better go tell your mommy the bad lady took your pony princess!
  15. I like all of them but I think Rainbow is having a personality downgrade. She just seems to care about being cool and having people like her all of a sudden. And the whole books are for eggheads thing really got me. As well as her encouraging a Rainbow Dash fanclub. I want her to be redeemed and not help teach little girls (who the show is really intended for ) that if you want to be cool, you have to be dumb and get tons of people to worship you. When I first saw the show, I thought that was going to be Rarity's personality but she's willing to get dirty and sacrifice her reputation for her friends and when she messes up, she apologizes which I think is a better lesson. To me that teaches there is nothing wrong with being popular if you are kind, don't discriminate and don't ditch your friends to social climb. And I think Twilight's cool too. She can do wicked magic, is a part of a prestigious school and knows a princess and she lives in a book filled tree. To me that is totally cool I want that life. Any hoo... Diamond Tiara. I have never wanted to kick something so bad in my life. She would make a great ball. Can't you see her flying away over the clouds after you punt her? IJK, I think she's cute but a little bitch. And although I'm not a supporter of the macho male persona, Prince Blueblood wouldn't know what balls were if they were labelled "balls" and hit him in the face