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  1. *opens portal again* think you can kid rid of me that easily?
  2. ​no. you are a parasite to luna. you are a infringement of people fear....
  3. where i am from...your tricks don't work. i eat apples. and i am from a apple family. WRONG! you are not real. all you have done is fool everybody that you are real.
  4. so? i do too. or perhaps you have not seen my tumblr.?
  5. I ate god. I AM REAL. you cannot defy me. no your not. i can tell cause you are fading away.
  6. wrong...you are fake. you are just a part of luna. a dark ego of her.
  7. dang...alright...let see...what is the situation..rairty has been kidnapped by Mexicans...how can we get the mexcians to let her go?
  8. i guess everypony is just a pervet now...even discord.
  9. hmmm...chainsaws...time to knock some trees down.
  10. alright...time for my trump card...luna you are NOT real. you are a fictional. a fake, a bad copy of the real luna. therefore you are not a god.
  11. why do i have a feeling you were on the cover of playpony?
  12. you are gonna die now. i sent over a nuke. happy birth day!