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  1. Colour: Black: Lonely, Safe, Free Animal: Eagle: free, Awesome, Majestic The Room: Peaceful, Silent, warm hmm not quite sure as to what to make of that anyone wanna help me out with that? eh? thanks
  2. It's apperently MPG, its straight from my capture card/Webcam so yea im not quite sure as to what I am doing wrong dagnabit i thought i was so funny as well Lol
  3. @ scootacool hey so my file is not supported, yay... but i do have it, the full video and Well no i am not sure as to what you would like me to do, I have tried to convert it but then, everything just goes to Heck, -_-
  4. well i have my video all recorded and such... only thing is my Capture card captures it in .mpg.. so now i have to wait to convert it ot .mov or .mp4 because its not being accepted dang it technology work with me!
  5. See that's what I was also thinking! like what is that book! what is going to happen! along with all the foreshadowing that Luna and Celestia where dropping before Twilight came in, it is the hook for me, Along with Twilight being able to use the Dark Magic for the door and such that kinda was like WOAH! It's going to get good!!!
  6. At least I was not the only person who thought this at the end of the premier, they built it up like he was some ultra evil BA like, at the end after he was defeated I felt cheated kinda, that he was gone that easy... I was really hoping for something more epic! along the lines of a ultimate battle, not a Oh look *Boom* he is destroyed... Like what was that!? so anti-climatic... I mean sure, there was some Epic foreshadowing of some events! and did anypony else notice the Book Luna made appear at the end of the episode before spikes last line? THAT is what makes me wanna see whats going to come on during the season!
  7. When im losing i Get Angry rage comes outta no where... I'm usually the calmest, person ever, but when i game i game... I MUST WIN! lol i take things in video games serious lol I've only broken one controller outta rage... ok well 1 and 1/2 lol still works. I swear possibly too much... but yea other then that im pretty good... i'd say
  8. I like both songs the first one reminded me of like a kinda of game that would be running outta time it got me kinda pumped like i need to finish the Game! lol the 2nd one seems kinda like a Bowser theme for like Super Mario World hahaha gave off the essence all in all I like them, stinks that they are kinda short but are really good! man keep it up!
  9. Ya I'm doing this Truth be Told I'm not gonna win, no shave November? Never shaved a day in my life... and I'm clean cut as ever.... yay non existent facial hair
  10. I would like to be in the reaction side of it, im not good with editing never really done anything but yea id like to do something even if its recording my self for the entertainment of others!
  11. Thats awesome! dude I have had some friends try and pull that on my there like dude you want a brownie? (used to be a fat kid) and i kinda didn't trust them, they can't hold a poker face well hahaha, so i passed got a text from my friend in the bathroom saying if you get offered a brownie don't take it... and then i just LAUGHED but they had gotten the best of me cause they did it in culinary arts i was in the same class as them so i didn't think they could pull it! but they did Good time, they did buy me all kinds of Toilet paper during the weekend though Love good pranks!
  12. looks epic, i have enjoyed DayZ a lot, can't wait to see how this game turns out as well! beside that fact! i hope everyone has a fair chance to win these game keys!
  13. games that made me cry? well lets start this list, 1. CoD4 when Price "dies" 2. when Ghost dies... 3. when Soap dies 4. when Doms wife dies, 5.when Dom sacrificed himself, <made me cry 6. when Marcus's dad dies <made me cry 7.when Sgt.Forge sacrifices himself, 8.when Jorge Tosses you to live, 9.when Emile died, i mean it was sad but God that man didn't give up! 10. Fallout 3 when you finally see your father, and then have him die before your eyes, 11.splinter cell the fake Death of "Sarah" his daughter 12. assassin's creed, Ezio's untimely demise of old age to death, 13. mass effect choosing between Ashley and Kiaden that was hard, 14. more of the choosing between who lives and who dies in that game, 15. the ending made me cry, cause well it wasn't what i expected, 16. Medal of honor that game had some sad moments that made me cry there have been millions of games in my life that i have played but still the moments that make you cry, you then realize that the game is truly wonderful if it can make you cry, and see that life is beautiful
  14. It sounded good to me i'd love to do covers of songs but im tone deaf i think? so i don't know how i sound when i sing and im afraid of sucking at singing and all so i just don't cause im worried what others will think
  15. I'm the quiet kid, I do all my work, I only talk to my friends, I always did really well, I was a puppet master if you could say the least i pulled the strings on people to get them to do things in my favor, I'm the fluttershy/twilight/applejack i just have always preferred my solitude and such i guess it was my own curse?