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  1. Got my last Build a pony Shining Armor finally!!!! I really hope Build a bear makes Big Mac
  2. I just came from build a bear and got all Of my new ponies and a bonus easter bunny. Also i got a new Rainbow Dash and will be ordering Shining Armor in April
  3. I havent been on here in forever for personal reasons but im back!!! I got the mlp periodic table tee, a blind bag glitter fluttershy, a plush fluttershy diarry, hot topic blind bag twilight sparklez and the best gift from my bæ! My build a bear Celestia that plays the theme song!!!
  4. Im going trick or treating then a partay!!!!! This will all be done with my dog.
  5. I wanna fly!!!!!!!!!!! SSB is super smash Bros so My question is how many ppl would play SSB (3ds) with me if we all gave out our friend codes???
  6. First answer is sandstorms are scary and second is forget youuuu oo oooo ooooooo!!!! My question is how many ppl would play SSB (3ds) with me if we all gave out our friend codes???
  7. Just bought this!!! Also my bf got me the LAST Trixie at a Build a Bear we were at (bc she is best pony) and now i snuggle with her and i also have a show-friendly Trixie with sound and costume.
  8. I know this isnt pony related but i HAS to tell u guyz this!!! Just got this today!!!
  9. I think that is awesome!!! watching videos also teaches you a thing or two! Should I get the Nintendo NES 3ds xl?
  10. This will totally sound lame but Im playing Tomodachi Life (3ds) Disney Infinity (xbox) and Snowboard Kids 2/ Mario Party 2 (Nintendo 64) also I play Tetris at all times
  11. See my problem is that Disney has alot more to offer other than Frozen but now thats all they are focusing on. See eversince Muppets was bought by Disney they couldve added more Muppet stuff and the chance to meet the characters but SOMEHOW you can have Anna and Elsa (2013) before Muppets (2003) totally doesnt make sense to meh!
  12. I mean I could get Beyonce or Martha Jones (Doctor Who) to do the voice of Snowwie I guess.... I really dont mind my oc as a bg pony