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  1. Just bought myself a hookah, its so pretty :3

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Unikitty


      You tell MLPf, before you tell me? I'm cut. I srsly am.

    3. TheFabulousPony


      Y'alls retarded XD haha brilliant though haha


      @Akoura: Sorrry haha at least you will be the only other allowed to use it :P

    4. Unikitty


      I've got, like, three. What makes you think I need yours? *srsly cut btw. im srs*

  2. Considering making a apocalypse kit haha I am so doing it.

  3. Aaaaw far out man... I would be so happy to have land like that. Like even if I was living in a tent... I would be so happy haha (well... providing the nights are cool to like... freezing haha and the days aren't humid like where I am haha). JEALOUSY EVERYWHERE
  4. W..what? I.. I despise tap water haha Its disgusting... I drink bottled water or filtered tap water. I have to be pretty desperate to drink tap water haha So gross.
  5. Well my favorite Legend of Zelda game is Ocarina of Time... by far. I adore it, it is my favorite game (out of all games). Here is my top 2 (they change depending on how I am feeling etc obviously) Kokiri Forest: LoZ:OoT Title Theme: LoZ:OoT
  6. I am not a fan of cars really... I know pretty much nothing about them, I don't like racing or talking about them really. But for some reason I have a love for one car A 1986 Series III Jaguar Sovereign V12
  7. No, not really. I am pretty much myself online (if not a bit more "enhanced" because...well... its online). I never really see a point in it so much. I don't mind Rping, but thats as close as I get to being someone else online
  8. alright I have been playing it again about 3 days now, I must admit it is better than I remember lol It is still glitchy though, I certainly don't like allot of things about it and still consider Fallout 3 to be the crowned jewel haha But it is quite a good game (otherwise I would have given up by now). I am going to continue playing to the end I think, keepin' y'all updated.
  9. Okey-dokey. I have officially started a new game of Fallout: New Vegas. I haven't played it since release date.. So far its okay lol. I will play through some tomorrow after work and post how it is going haha
  10. Aaaaaw sweet as haha I will be getting all of the DLC's for both games. Broken Steel sounds wicked cool though for sure. haha It annoyed me greatly how Fallout 3 ended like that lol Glad they put that in then lol
  11. I see. I will download the DLC's for it when I start again also, see if that makes it better for me haha I haven't even got the DLC for Fallout 3 yet now I think about it.. far out haha
  12. Hmmm interesting. Well I am going to try do Fallout: New Vegas again... maybe my opinion will change. It will never be as good as Fallout 3 for me though
  13. The music and the whole feel of Fallout 3 was amazing haha I didn't feel it in New Vegas, which disappointed me / : But it was still a good game.
  14. Hahaha yeah, I thought that a few times XD As for the glitches: It is rather odd I thought. Like seriously cant remember the last time Fallout 3 glitched out on me. As for New Vegas, I would say it was about 20-30 minuets between glitches generally. (I lie, I do remember one glitch in Fallout 3, it fixed itself eventually though. It was while I was using V.A.T.S)
  15. Haha thats not so bad I suppose I got countless ones from new vegas. And from memory have not gotten a single glitch from Fallout 3 what so ever haha crazy