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  1. TheFabulousPony

    Post a tour of your domain!

    Aaaaw far out man... I would be so happy to have land like that. Like even if I was living in a tent... I would be so happy haha (well... providing the nights are cool to like... freezing haha and the days aren't humid like where I am haha). JEALOUSY EVERYWHERE
  2. TheFabulousPony

    Sink water or bottled water

    W..what? I.. I despise tap water haha Its disgusting... I drink bottled water or filtered tap water. I have to be pretty desperate to drink tap water haha So gross.
  3. TheFabulousPony

    Gaming Favorite Legend of Zelda Song

    Well my favorite Legend of Zelda game is Ocarina of Time... by far. I adore it, it is my favorite game (out of all games). Here is my top 2 (they change depending on how I am feeling etc obviously) Kokiri Forest: LoZ:OoT Title Theme: LoZ:OoT
  4. TheFabulousPony

    Dream Car?

    I am not a fan of cars really... I know pretty much nothing about them, I don't like racing or talking about them really. But for some reason I have a love for one car A 1986 Series III Jaguar Sovereign V12
  5. TheFabulousPony

    Do you have an online persona ?

    No, not really. I am pretty much myself online (if not a bit more "enhanced" because...well... its online). I never really see a point in it so much. I don't mind Rping, but thats as close as I get to being someone else online
  6. TheFabulousPony

    Gaming Fallout: New Vegas

    alright I have been playing it again about 3 days now, I must admit it is better than I remember lol It is still glitchy though, I certainly don't like allot of things about it and still consider Fallout 3 to be the crowned jewel haha But it is quite a good game (otherwise I would have given up by now). I am going to continue playing to the end I think, keepin' y'all updated.
  7. TheFabulousPony

    Gaming Fallout: New Vegas

    Okey-dokey. I have officially started a new game of Fallout: New Vegas. I haven't played it since release date.. So far its okay lol. I will play through some tomorrow after work and post how it is going haha
  8. TheFabulousPony

    Gaming Fallout: New Vegas

    Aaaaaw sweet as haha I will be getting all of the DLC's for both games. Broken Steel sounds wicked cool though for sure. haha It annoyed me greatly how Fallout 3 ended like that lol Glad they put that in then lol
  9. TheFabulousPony

    Gaming Fallout: New Vegas

    I see. I will download the DLC's for it when I start again also, see if that makes it better for me haha I haven't even got the DLC for Fallout 3 yet now I think about it.. far out haha
  10. TheFabulousPony

    Gaming Fallout: New Vegas

    Hmmm interesting. Well I am going to try do Fallout: New Vegas again... maybe my opinion will change. It will never be as good as Fallout 3 for me though
  11. TheFabulousPony

    Gaming Fallout: New Vegas

    The music and the whole feel of Fallout 3 was amazing haha I didn't feel it in New Vegas, which disappointed me / : But it was still a good game.
  12. TheFabulousPony

    Gaming Fallout: New Vegas

    Hahaha yeah, I thought that a few times XD As for the glitches: It is rather odd I thought. Like seriously cant remember the last time Fallout 3 glitched out on me. As for New Vegas, I would say it was about 20-30 minuets between glitches generally. (I lie, I do remember one glitch in Fallout 3, it fixed itself eventually though. It was while I was using V.A.T.S)
  13. TheFabulousPony

    Gaming Fallout: New Vegas

    Haha thats not so bad I suppose I got countless ones from new vegas. And from memory have not gotten a single glitch from Fallout 3 what so ever haha crazy
  14. TheFabulousPony

    Gaming Fallout: New Vegas

    Aaaaaaw you havent play Fallout 3?? You must! haha its brilliant. I wander the wasteland listing to the Radio I swear I must be the only one who had tons of glitches by the sound of it haha
  15. TheFabulousPony

    Gaming Fallout: New Vegas

    I agree that the Fallout series is amazing, for sure haha. I just think that if a bit more... I dunno... not so much effort I dont think... it was just missing something (to me). Still a great game, it just fell short for me haha The glitches were awful for me lol I couldn't go more than 20 minuets without some damned glitch messing everything up for me lol Especially if I hadn't saved.