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  1. Competition going on, on my facebook page at the moment. Giving away any 2 hair bows the winner chooses. I has MLP ones :3

  2. There are storms brewing? D: Evil is afoot? lol i view pinkie as more of a vodka or bacardi gal. that way she can make it any colour she wants
  3. Meow Meow Meow I am a bored little kitty cat.

  4. Kinda I guess. People seem to think I'm mean or snobby because I'm quiet.... I'm not though... I just usually don't have a lot to say and stuff.
  5. I like to go sometimes. Mainly because I like to dress up. There's a new club that's openned here that I'll be going to every month. I know the person who runs it. They do lots of cool themes and stuff and the atmosphere is pretty friendly n.n I would never step foot in a mainstream club though because I always get hit on.
  6. - wake up - go back to sleep - wake up - shower - coffee and breakfast - stare at computer - watch shows on computer and make hair bows - make dinner and spend time with my partner - try to go to sleep but fail at sleeping so get up and make more bows - tea - big bang theory - sleep
  7. ahah OH NOES!!! Pinkie Pie with booze?! So what's happenin' people?
  8. ^.^ That's awesome. I love Full metal alchemist. The thought of edward as a pony is pretty funny hahaha. I'm glad that you remembered the automail.
  9. This isn't including all of the things they come with. I have the train, Castle, carousel, sweet shop, farm, school, nursery and the first sort of canterlot castle thing that came with loads of accessories and stuff...and the hot air balloon. I also have colouring books and stuff.
  10. I thought I'd share this "Vote Brony" T-shirt now available for $10 on teefury for the next 12 hours. ^___^ I got one he he even though I'm not american, not going to pass up the oppertunity to get a pony shirt for $10