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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Merry Birthiversary dude! 

  4. The problem here is that you're subtly enforcing your own personal belief system unto everyone else, even if you don't realise it. Consider this scenario: Someone's personal beliefs(non-/religious doctrine, personally chosen morals, position in life, etc. etc.) state that orange colours are bad and should not be allowed in society, but blue colours are good and should be everywhere. But your personal beliefs are that blues are bad while oranges are good. How do you then create a society that caters to both groups? You can't simply 'live alongside' each other, because your personal beliefs directly conflict with each other. It's something that simply isn't possible, and even a simplified situation doesn't help find an answer. Now, if you were to be more reflective of real life: a myriad of colours and just as many groups of people, each saying x or y colours are okay but z isn't. Or x and z are okay but z is only okay if x is around only a little bit. It can quickly can convoluted and divided. When the situation becomes as nuanced and various as real life, this simply becomes an impossible ideal. Because no matter what your personal beliefs are, or how open/closed they are, wanting people to 'get along' only means wanting people to get along according to your own personal beliefs.
  5. Seconding this. It definitely looks like there's plenty of room for avatars to fit in, so it only makes sense to use it all up.
  6. Hopefully. It'll be interesting to see more development take place in the Changeling Kingdom. I'd personally like to see a Spike/Thorax episode where they have to solve some sort of problem within the kingdom. Perhaps Thorax comes to Spike, believing him to have plenty of kingdom experience due to living with Twilight. Of course, things would go awry, but they've fix it in the end.
  7. Maud is a very good character to focus on when creating episodes highlighting family values, as well as the lesson that it's okay to be radically different to others. Her personality and design allow for plenty of freedom with these kinds of episodes, which makes her a top candidate for basing such topics on. She's interesting in the sense that she's so unlike any other character, which creates opportunities for interactions that you wouldn't find in the majority of the MLPFiM cast. Another similar character for this position would be Moondancer, however, her character was centered around a friendship problem, of which they were able to help. Maud doesn't have any problem with her situation, she's just a reserved personality.
  8. But there isn't a Mare Do Well episode coming up, and it's hardly likely that Sunset Shimmer will be coming to the TV series at all. I'd like her to appear in the show, but unfortunately there's no reason to think she will.
  9. Not sure I'm digging this new site format. Especially not being able to see the big list of latest posts anymore. Some aspects are nice, like the reputation identifier. But ehh...

  10. I don't think they could follow that path in the show. Starlight is good now, anyway.
  11. I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.
  12. None of them. I don't see how it could fit the theme of the series and I firmly think it should remain as part of the fandom.
  13. I'm hoping to get a PS4 the next chance I get, but it won't be for Crash. Could never get into it. Now, if they made a Spyro remaster...
  14. "Sheeple" Generally used by people who believe they are 'woke' to all of life's great conspiracies. People who've spent the night watching YouTube videos and reading debunked articles on dodgy websites, now having become self-proclaimed experts. When people use this term to justify their disagreement with someone, it really goes to show just hwo far down the rabbit hole they've gone. Agreeing with the general consensus doesn't make you a sheep. It just means you have the cognitive capacity to accept the collective results of millions of hours of research. Not everything is a conspiracy.
  15. I don't see this as very groundbreaking. The book'll probably just be covering it as an unconventional family. I have close friends, unrelated to me, that I consider the same as any family member. It's likely that it'll just be this situation, showing that you don't have to be formally related in order to be a family.