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  1. I'm not a fan of Scootaloo, but I do like her. And even if she's homeless, maybe she can lived with Rainbow Dash and I think they are the true sisterhoods. I wonder if the studio will make a new episode for the new season this fall. A episode about Scootaloo has no family all along and her friends ask Rainbow Dash to lived with her. Good idea or not? Maybe I should wrote this episode as a fan script
  2. I don't think Season 4 will last...I also think there won't be a season 5 in the future... do you guys think so? Besides, it's all about selling toys then making a good story. So they decide to make it as a marketing tool then a tv show. Oh, well.
  3. Robthe1st

    Mega Thread The General Video Masterthread

    For soem of you don't know me, I'm a independent filmmaker. All I do is making short films. Check them out: This is made during film school, it's just a warm up: Crime in the Alley: And check out this independent short film I've made, it got good reviews, chec it out: There's No Last Chance: Right now, I'm trying to make another independent short film later in the future. I'll send you guys of my future update Also send me your comments maybe here or my private message. I really want to know if I'm quite a good filmmaker or not.
  4. Anyone else watch the Oscars last night? I know it got low raings very year. But, rumors said that the Oscar host Seth Macfarlane did quite good, some said he gone too far. Duh! That's why the Ocars hire him as host in the first place http://www.upi.com/blog/2013/02/25/Oscars-2013-Did-Seth-MacFarlane-cross-a-line/5561361805042/ What's your reaction from last night?... If anyone seen it -_-
  5. Oh this guy.. I don't remember this name, but he post some blog on youtube saying "This is what happends when writers read fan fic and fan art ideas." It post about the Twlight Alicorn video. I don't know I guess he or she want some attention.
  6. I dislike this episode. Well, I give it a low 6 or maybe 7 rating. It's good but not too great! Also, there's some rumors that the writers from the FiM series steal this Twilight Sparkle Alicorn idea from someone who made this as a fan art of the first time. Is that true?
  7. Thanks! I'm honor. As for a song and lyrics... I had to skip that one beacsue I'm not really good writing songs. But, I'm still looking for a songwriter out there. If there is one, then someone please send me a private message if you want my help, Please! Also, I'm looking for a artists that can help with my fan fiction project. Like making characters design or maybe a fake movie poster. It's not a real movie project. If it was, then the studio from hasbro would reject it and they don't take ideas from fans like us. It happen for years anyway. Believe me, I've been there <_<
  8. UPDATE: I delete my script. because, there's some rumors that some writers from the studios steal ideas from fans and don't even pay for them either. I hope I'm wrong. If you guys want to see my fan fic movie script, I'll send it to you on the primate message. Sorry
  9. Thanks. And I do have a great idea to redesign him. He'll kind of be the same centaur, and he'll still has bull-like horns. And he'll be more scarier on his true look. But he'll had to wear a mask and you'll be shocked of what he really look like when he took off his mask... Also, I'm trying hard to write this fan fiction movie script. To like remake a G1 pilot... any songwriters out there? I can't seem to find one <_< .... Also, any good artists out there, too?
  10. Well, to me, I was hoping it be played by the original voice over of Tirek name Victor Caroli. He's still alive, check out the interview:
  11. Here's my fanfic movie idea as I posted since last year: http://mlpforums.com/topic/33992-heres-my-fim-movietwo-part-episodes-of-the-story-also-featuring-megan/#entry797167 Also, just want to let you guys know there is going to be some changes on my fan fiction movie script... Like: Megan will turn into a pony in ponyworld. Twilight has wings now after the new episode just air yesterday. And some other stuff I'm doing on my fanfic script... Anyway, I'm looking for some songwriters that can help me on most of the musical scenes, like the opening of my story. There's an opening
  12. Hey Floris, that artwork you (if it's from you or not) made is not bad... not bad at all!! I like it a lot! Good work. Quiestion, would you fans be shocked if Queen Chrysalis in a relationship with Tirek? Well, it's in my movie version
  13. Wow... I haven't been here since four months ago! What happen here?.... Anyway, I still think Tirek should appear on the FiM series. But, only as a movie special. And he'll be different then the old version. And he'll died in the end. That's my story version. BTW, I'm still trying to write a FiM movie fan script. Until it's done, I'll send you guys of my fan script and to read your reaction.
  14. Man, oh Man! We still have a tied! 20/20 (Just like on ABC News Special) split for those who want her back, and doesn't want her back. I still want her back, not because she's a cruel character, but, if she does come back. Maybe she can be like pretend to be cruel, but inside of her heart she's still a good character. You see, there's characters from other tv animation shows. Like Hey Arnold! Remember Helga Pataki? She's always been mean to Arnold. Like, calling him "Football head". But, we all know she's truly love him inside of her heart. And she also pretend to be mean and always t
  15. I know you fans don't want most of the characters from the G1. Oh wait! Is Spike the Baby Dragon is still in the FiM Tv Series? Spike, whose from the G1? And did he appear from the tv special or starting out as a toy, first? And also, Spike is a different G4 version then the G1 version. He may not be the favorite among fans like you, but, he's a good character, and getting along with Twilight as a family member and did he ever ruin the show? Please, tell me if he did or not. You see, if the most of the charcters came back from the G1, doesn't mean they'll be the same. If Tirek appears bac
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