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  1. I may think that well, hopefully. If 4 is the final season then Hasbro is gonna be VERY busy incorporating any holes throughout the entire series thus far. But something as small as meeting Shy's relatives, whatever they may be, its certain I am sure. I hope. And I do think Dash's might be her father, being that he is a lot older, possibly as old as Crescent, although it is true that relatives have siblings of all ages (even in FiM with Dinky and Amethyst Star), quite simply, maybe Dash's is an uncle who took a break from his Metal Music Band to see her on the games or something.
  2. So about Fluttershy's parents... (Check my Blog)

  3. Stop assuming things. Much better. Anyway, so far we have seen almost all of the main character's parents and even relatives, most notoriously Twilight Sparkle's and Applejack's, even if we already know what may of happened to AJ's folks anyway. Come t'think of it, Ma an' Pa never came back after gone buyin' cigarettes. We saw Rarity's folks who are not really like the pony fashionista loves to act, seemingly more like a middle class couple who roll their eyes at her acting as if she was some part of blue blood relatives or something, but still there they are, and Sweetie Belle even tried to make them breakfast. Then as a surprise we got to see a glimpse of Rainbow Dash's dad when her hopes of having their version of the Olympics was moved to another city. Sorry, I got something in my eye...sniff... Of course, everyone here already knew about Crescent and Star Sparkle, Twilight's parents who made their presence in that other CMC episode. No need for me to remind you who they are. Oh fine, here. Yes, Pinkie Pie's family as well, and her cute sister Inkie. Wonder why she and Blinkie never made another appearance since fans seem to want them around, especially since they are still in that Rock Farm of all places. Come to think of it, you think Trixie actually talked to them while she needed the money? Anyway, getting distracted. As stated, 5 of 6 have shown either parents or at least relatives, even if it was briefly. So that leaves us the most adorable of said 6 who has yet to introduce ANY member of her family. "Why would you want to see my parents for?" So far every other pony character has been shown their relatives within just more than a cameo, having a reason to be around at that time they were shown, so I guess Fluttershy's parents might be a bit too hard to introduce unless a wacky set of events are needed in order to do so, even as a flashback. Now you may even guess the reason of why may well be that the possibility of her and Rainbow Dash being sisters, after all, Dash came to her rescue when those two other brats were picking on her as kids, and both were in Cloudsdale, but there is little evidence about them being related anyway, even if they happened to be living in Ponyville as well. Now, some have deduced that Fluttershy is based on a G1 pony named Posey, who has the same color patterns as her except being an earth, not pegasus. Here, Faust's early rendition of Fluttershy based on Posey. Still adorable. Posey was more or less a Fluttershy back in G1, a flower child who took care of gardens more than animals, and maybe this was what Fluttershy was about to become, if it wasn't for that little thing that Hasbro lost rights to most characters or something, forcing Faust to redesign everyone as what they are today. Still, there might be a slight possibility that if we do see at least Fluttershy's mother, I would not be surprised if she looked anything like said Posey, but as a Pegasus...maybe. OK girls, you are making this a bit too cute to handle now. So then, we might discuss if this happens, a certain Pegasus filly could have her spotlight as well and could let us all be at rest of thinking she may be adopted. Meh, is all good however.
  4. We must, we must, develop our bust...

  5. Contrary what the whole world thinks, My Little Dashie wasn't all that moving.

    1. Acoustic Cloud

      Acoustic Cloud

      You souless monster!

      >Insert standard Brony disbelief that your opinion is invalid here xD

    2. Trixie the Greatest

      Trixie the Greatest

      Well, I *am* a Movie Critic after all.

    3. Acoustic Cloud
  6. Oh look, jewtube states my newly updated Rainbow Dash clip is still playable, I can hardly wait for my next strike they make so my channel is gone for good.

  7. Some Status Updates I read are pretty darn weird.

  8. Tee hee, Queen of Fighters is so much fun...

  9. During the 90s anything was seen as techno however. Especially in my neighborhood who had 90% of its populace listening to Rap instead of anything else. Wasn't very common back then to be called anything else even by radio stations to be honest.
  10. Nine Inch Nails, my true friend.

  11. Its so hypocritical of Pinkie Pie ordering everyone to smile, smile, smile. Who does she think she is anyway?

  12. Trinity Blood, Black Blood Brothers, Vampire Princess Miyu are so far the best vampire Anime I've seen

  13. Geez, just go on and add up more warning points if you are so paranoid and want me gone from here already. Really.