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Request Will somepony draw my OC?


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Okay my first post..here we go.


my OC is pretty new but I love her and what i have plan to watch her grow from filly to adult as I mature in my writings/voice acting, she doesn't have a name though yet....



Blank Flank

Personality: playful and fun loving

Hobbies: listening to music and spending time in the library reading any book she finds interesting. her favorite genre being action and adventure.

she idolizes and respect Octavia and her classical music.


Quote: "This'll be so much fun!"  "just one more chapter, please please pleeeease." 


I wish to use her as an OC and ponysona. the picture would be used as my profile picture for many places Pony related with the artist credited of course  ;) .


Picture of her in the thumbnail. and yes I used a pony creator, hide yo kids! hides yo wives and hide yo husband cause this is sooo old fashioned artwork




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