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Crossover Dr.Whooves Origin story


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Before you start reading this i just want to say that is is a work in progress and is not complete.

Also I copied and pasted this strait from microsoft word so it may look weird









Dr. Whooves

(The origin story)



There I was lying down on the soft cold grass of Raxacoriofallapatorius enjoying the warm dry breeze and clear night sky. Clara looked up at the stars wonderingly. I had already seen the stars from every angle. It was quite boring if you ask me, but Clara must have noticed because she asked me what had been my craziest adventure. It only took me 2 seconds to decide.

“My craziest adventure…   are you asking to hear it?” I asked. Judging by the look of curiosity in her eyes I could tell that the answer was obvious. “I’m not exactly a story person.” I replied. As usual I didn’t get a vote on that either. “Fine then. Just know that you will probably think of me as a nutter.” I warned. “Oh just get on with it already”

By then I was on my 10th face and I was in the year 2037 I think…  It started when we were being chased by those Cybermen.







I had never run faster in my life, EVER. I could only hear the pounding of my heart and the sound of metal feet hitting the ground in perfect harmony. You know, I would have been impressed by that if I hadn’t been fearing for my life. That though was interrupted by a giant stone wall. That was it I was done for. My life started flashing before my eyes. I say my home town in Orlando, me winning my award for most clever robot design, my trip to Great Britain, and the Cybermen invasion, there wasn’t much else I was only 14 after all. I could hear them approaching: DELETE. DELETE. DELETE. DELETE. RUN!

Wait what? A fairly tall skinny man in a brown suit grabbed my shoulder and bolted through a newly opened doorway. God, there was a lot going on at that moment. I was running from robotic men through a narrow passage way with the skinny man at my left and a blond woman in a blue tee-shirt at my right. Finally, we stumbled into some sort of futuristic hexagon-ish room of silver that was full of blinking lights and more Cybermen that seemed to be asleep. The man pointed his little blue pen thingy at the door that then suddenly locked itself. Now was the time to ask questions, but before I could say anything he said.

“Hello I’m the doctor and this is Rose.” He said pointing at the blond “I know you have a lot of questions right now but could just hold them until later? Right now I have some questions to ask you.” I nodded blankly. “So these Cybermen, they may be alive but they are still robots none the less. How do we deactivate or destroy them?” he asked. “Well sometimes you need a code. But only the creator knows it. Usually the code means something important to them.” I replied. “I have one for my own robot as well.”  The doctor then whispered something to Rose and ran to the control panel at the side of the room.

“Cyber? No. Telos? No.” The doctor proceeded like this until a thought occurred to me. “The Cybermen are aliens right?” I asked. “The Cybermen shoot lasers from their arms, electricity from their hands, and they have a brain attached to wires. Does that sound earthly to you?!” She complained. Ignoring her I asked. “What’s the name of their planet then?” suddenly the Doctor spun around “Ooooh James you are a genius.” Before he could finish, the Cybermen in the room started moving. OH NO…  They started marching toward us with their hands reaching out. “YOU ARE INCOMATIBLE. YOU MUST BE DELETED!” We all backed up, backs pressed against the wall. I heard the doctor yell 6 letters M-O-N-D-A-S, and with that all the Cybermen stopped in their tracks and one by one fell to the ground with a loud CLANG! 

We all let out a sigh of relief and then gave a big cheer, finally after a lot of vocal celebrating the doctor said that he needed me to see something. As we strolled out of the passage way once more I asked him “So what’s your actual name?” The doctor glanced at me with a sort of pleasured smile. “Believe it or not it’s just the doctor.” We eventually arrived at a small ally with a big blue box crammed inside it. “So what was it you wanted to show me?” I asked. The doctor pointed at the box expectantly.

“But it’s just a box.” I exclaimed. Rose smiled as if there was something funny about me; like I was wearing a crazy hat or I had a note stuck to my back. “Oh really?” the doctor asked as he opened the door.




Rose Tyler

The little boy’s eyes widened, growing larger and larger still. It was like they were going to pop off of his head and run away. “It’s bigger on the inside.” He said staring into the TARDIS. “What is this?” The Doctor glanced over at me. “Do you want to do this one?” he asked. I chuckled and turned to James who still has his mouth wide open. I swear he was probably going to swallow a fly with his jaw hanging open like that.

“This is the TARDIS with stands for Time And ummm…    Relative Dimension…     In Space. It’s basically a time machine.” I said “That can travel anywhere in time and space.” The Doctor added. “So… where do you want to go?” James was still baffled but he managed to get out: “Maybe…    How about… ummm…  Ancient Rome?”  We all ran into TARDIS accept for James who was still taking his time and slowly stepped in.

“So Ancient Rome huh? Good choice, I like Ancient Rome. Alright then, Allons-y! Oh wait before we go, can you remind be to fix that?” the doctor said as he pointed to a helmet sort of thing. “What’s that do” I asked. “It’s a machine called the chameleon arch; it has the ability to change your species. Its glitching right now, so just don’t get close to it.” The Doctor replied. James immediately bolted toward the back of the TARDIS console not wanting to take any chances.

“You may want to hold on to something.” The Doctor said with a smile. “Allons-y!” Everything looked fine but something was wrong. The Doctor’s eyes widened even more than James’.  “OH NO! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!” The doctor looked truly frightened. “What’s wrong?! What is it?!” I asked franticly. “There’s a whole in the time vortex!” The Doctor said. “But what does that mean?” I asked again? “It means… we’re falling into another universe!” At the same time sparks started flying out of the chameleon arch. “Oh No. Here we go again!” The last thing I remember was the feeling of zero gravity as the TARDIS fell into the unknown and a burning feeling wrapping around my body.

 I opened my eyes to see the TARDIS control room had changed. It was the same thing but it lacked specific details. I can’t explain it other than saying that it looked like some sort of cartoon. I hope The Doctor and James are- “*GASP* Doctor! James!” I could hear someone faintly say ow. “Oh thank god you’re alive.” I said. “Yea, I’m still breathing.” James replied. “If this is a dream somebody please pinch me.” As the Doctor got up he said. “I would but I don’t have hands!”

He was right. I looked down at myself to see a pair of hooves. “Doctor what the hell have you done?” I said angrily. ”It wasn’t me, It was the chameleon arch.” The doctor argued. “It randomized the species and turned us into horses. (Ponies to be exact)” I looked around to see that the doctor had turned into a brown pony with hair that was even darker and wilder than before. James on the other hand was blue (I’m not sure how that works) and had electric blue hair. After a lot of staring I managed to stumble onto a mirror and I nearly screamed.  I had crème colored skin, olive green eyes, and raspberry hair. But what interested me the most was a little mark on my hindquarters, was that a rose? I looked to see that the Doctor and James had symbols on their backsides too. The doctor had some sort of hour glass and James had what looked like a metal gear and hammer.

“Does this happen often?” said James who was still a little freaked out by everything. “This is a first actually.” The doctor slowly wobbled over to the door to look outside. “What’s out there?” I asked. I peeked out of the TARDIS doors to see that we were on a grassy hill overlooking a small town. “Wow how did you do that?!” said a voice from above. I looked up to a grey Pegasus with yellow hair looking down at me. Was she looking at me? I couldn’t tell because it seemed she was looking in two places at once.

“What sort of magic was it?” the Pegasus asked. Me and the doctor exchanged looks and silently agreed to make something up. “Ummm we were using teleportation magic. Where are we exactly?” I asked “You’re in Ponyville!” The Pegasus replied “You’re not from here are you?” The doctor looked at me then James and then back at me. “We do seem to be lost. Would mind guiding us through this place?” The Pegasus considered this for a while and then said “Sure, I could show you around.” “Wonderful! Now if just let me get my screwdriver I’ll be ready to go.” The doctor replied joyfully.

“Screwdriver? What would you need that for.” said the Pegasus. “Incase maybe a cabinet needs fixing. Oh and I didn’t catch your name, who are you?” asked the doctor. “My name’s ditzy doo, but my friends call me derpy.” She replied. “Hey! I think I found your screwdriver!” James yelled from across the room.  Finding it was the easy part…   picking to up? A whole other story. I never knew how much opposable thumbs mattered to us. Finally after lots of slipping we managed to hold it with our hooves. (Don’t ask me how, I don’t know the answer.)

One by one we all filed out of the TARDIS and into the new world. “Alrighty then, follow me!” said derpy as she led the way.  I looked over at the doctor. “What’s going to happen now?” I asked. The doctor then looked at me and said “I don’t know Rose. I don’t know.”






The Doctor

to be continued... :wau:
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