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Heyo. Woonawerfer here. New. And stuff :P


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Hello there. I am Woonawerfer, new to this place but not new to the fandom. Here is a little bit about myself.

How I managed to come across the forums: I was really bored and wanted to communicate with other pegasister and bronies. So I bleep-bleep-blooped (researched) it on google and found this.

How I became a pegasister: I was just fooling around in Facebook, surfing the web and stuff. But of course, became bored. This random thing just hit me then. " What in the name of celestia is a brony?" So I did my bleep-blooping (research.), and what I noticed is how passionate these men were towards the show... "My little pony" I am very aware of the older version on the show. And was very surprised at the new art-style and the community. The bleep-blooping (researching) lead me to YouTube where a lot of Bronymusic has been made and composed. So, after bleep-blooping ( I think you know what bleep bloop means now.) more and more, I was enthralled by it. I decided to watch one episode. Season 2 episode 1. I know, I know, I should have started with S1E1 but only when I finished the entire S2, then did I realise what a dingus am I and I was watching S2 all the time. I have more to tell about how I came across this fandom but it would be too long.

Games I partake in:

Team fortress 2, Garry's Mod.

Favorite pony: Princess Luna.

Gender: Does it really matter?

Food: Pizza, Bacon, Muffins, noodles.

Drinks: Honeylime, Apple cider, Coke.

And that is about it! I hope to get more into this!

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