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Project discussion: Abandoned FiM / Battlestar Galactica crossover


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Someone here http://www.fimfiction.net/story/9117/my-little-battlestar started to write a MLP/BSG crossover. If I’ve got it right, in the series finale the Colonials jumped away after destruction of the cylon colony using The Song Coordinates, but instead of Earth they’ve found “Equus”/The Pony Planet.


The idea looks very promising but quite difficult to execute. Unfortunately, the whole project seems abandoned: first two chapters are published almost three years ago and no update came ever since.


I came up with a few interesting themes that could be a part of this story.


The main theme: contact with the ponykind is the last chance of redemption for humanity. Do they screw it?


Similarities between element-bearers and some of the colonials:

Rainbow Dash = Starbuck.

Applejack = Helo (these two are pretty obvious).

Rarity = Baltar (self-made member of establishment, trained himself into sophistication early on, definitely a “drama queen” in his own way, and finally learned to be generous).

Twilight = Athena (very smart and intelligent, knows asocial life, albeit being forced to it rather then choosing it, and definitely is a manifestation of magic, however, magic of love, not friendship).

Fluttershy = Apollo (very kind and compassionate, gets upset when he has to disappoint those he cares about, often torn apart by conflicting imperatives).

However, colonials don’t have they version of the bearer of laughter and optimism. This makes than “incomplete” and impossible to find harmony.


Politics and ideology among colonials. There are three major ideological parties:

Romo Lampkin, newly appointed “president of Colonies” backed up by Apollo. Their overall approach is of very practical nature, while Lampkin’s bitter cynicism and Apollo’s emotionality and righteousness outbalance each other.

Gaius Baltar and his cult. Baltar is to adjust to the new situation while the cultists try to force him to the position of power on their behalf. Caprica Six tries to help him.

Laura Roslin comes to the story almost dead but ponies try to save her. They put her into hibernation under work of several complicated spells. She survives after a few months of coma but ends up with a physical disability. She doesn’t claim any political or religious authority anymore, starting to work as a teacher instead. With a time she notices the effect ponies have on human children and sees it as both threat and opportunity. So, she forms and implements her own ideological view of the situation. Laura has Bill Adama on her side.

And there are also quorum of Colonials and the speakers for each cylon model.


Cylons among humans.

Humans don’t mention this fact to ponies right away, while ponies at first have difficulties in distinguishing humans from each other (humans are much less variable in coloration, don’t have cutie marks and ponies are yet to learn to recognize human faces). So, some time goes by until several ponies notice that some humans look identical. Which rises questions.

Meanwhile, cylons develop distinguished personalities and come up with idea to adopt the concept of cutie marks.



Equestria is already densely populated, so, ponies grant colonials but a few places to build settlements (with about 10 km of territory around each settlement) that humans can use as an operational base while searching for another suitable planet.


A pony gets killed by a human, so Helo volunteers to investigate.

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Princess Luna managed to find both Sam Anders and the cylon hybrid in the dreamscape and even to communicate with them.


Lyra Heartstrings recieved a deep tissue massage from chief Tyrol (for babysitting his son). Ellen Tigh warned her not to do anything stupid because last three chief's girlfriends are died in the last several months. Of course Ellen was pretty drunk at the time.


It's a shame that Louanne "Kat" Katraine is dead. She has her own pony counterpart: Cloud Kicker.


Imagine, how Octavia would love Bear McCreary's music!

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