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(OOC: http://mlpforums.com/topic/114829-the-sims/)


So, this is going to be an interesting one. Instead of you being given a normal story, you're now just a normal pony living in a normal house. Whenever somepony comes in to the thing, they're now an official member of the house. When you first come on to this, you have to give me your pony's name, his/her favorite food, music, and color, his/her sign, his/her appearance, gender, and age range. This is basically the Sims, except text related. So there may be people becoming special someponies in this game, but not in real life. I shall be both sort of God and a character in the game. If I am currently god, you will see this [GOD] in the top of the screen, if I am my normal character and god, after what god has to do, I shall put [PERSON] under what god did. Anyways, lets start by adding me.


Name: Plot Line

Favorite Food: Pie

Favorite Music: Dance Music

Favorite Color: Teal

Sign: Virgo

Appearance: Brownish Green/Brown mane, a yellow green coat, comedy tragedy mask cutie mark, unicorn, bracelet with gold, saphire, and ruby.

Gender: Male

Age Range: Yound Adult


All right, before I do anything, lets get some ponies in the household.

What the house has:

1 bedroom (will add more when more people join) with double bed, TV, and laptop

2 Bathrooms, both with shower, toilet, sink, mirror.

1 Living room with TV, couch, rug, and sterio system

2 studies, both with bookcases, a desk, a computer, a lamp, and a chair.

1 kitchen with normal kitchen supplies. 

1 dining room with table, water cooler, and chandelier.


Other ponies in the household:

@Melody Word



The Sims start now!

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