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Hey there eveypony!


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Ohaithar! Name's Gameboi, and after checking back on this site for a few weeks it's finally up! Glee! xD


So, I guess a bit about myself...I became a brony around spring of this year, and my favorite pony of the mane six is without a doubt Rainbow Dash. Dashie, why wub woo! :wub: My favorite episode is 16, the Sonic Rainboom (duh), follwed closely by Party of One and Fall Weather Friends/Winter Wrap-Up. But the season two episodes are already much better than any of the season one episodes, I gotta admit xD


Aaaand... that's just about it! I have a basic graphic of myself in a Pegasus colt form from a ponymaker that I might upload later as my avatar or something if anyone's interested ^^


I can't really guarantee I'll be active or anything, I have a lot of stuff goin on right now, but I'll try my best!

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Hiya Gameboi! Welcome! :wub:

Sonic Rainboom is one of my favourite episodes as well. :) Can't wait to see the ponified version of you!

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