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Flicker Sweet

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Brilliant! Although in Malaysia, they don't allow made up clubs at my school and everyone at my school isn't a brony so this idea won't work out too well for me but good luck to yer club mate!


thanks bro! :D

....though i'm sorry that your school won't let students make their own club... :(

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Is it ok if I get a club, write 'BRONY' on it, and hit people with it to convert them? :huh:


hmmmmmm, what country do you live in? :huh:


This sounds awsome. I wish i had the courage to do something like this.


only reason I'm doing it is because A) one of my friends is helping me so I'm not in it alone and B) it'll be my Senior year!!!!! I WANNA DO SOMETHING COOL!!!!!(and legal)!!!!!!
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I'd join, and then find every bully in the school, hug him/her, and leave, love and tolerate forever! :D
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