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In a small cafe, long after bedtime, you spot a small porcelain figure sitting on a table. Slightly odd as that might be, it's less odd than the fact that it seems to be sipping - awkwardly - from a mug about half its size. Cocoa, by the smell of it.

She gives you a cautious wave.

"Er. Hello. Yes, hello!"

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-scratches the back of her head. It's a... weird sound-

"Smallestia. Not princess, obviously. I think it's obvious? Maybe it's not, I'm not sure actually. But yeah, it's... this is me. Would you like some cocoa?"

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y not ask

-clears her throat and takes a breath-

"In a way," she says, sounding a little more confident. "I only found it a week ago, but I find it a very relaxing place."

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