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Not sure what to do here, but why not..


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I'm not so new to the series itself, but i decided to join the forums and be part of the community.

Not so sure what to do now, but i think i'll just tell you guys a bit about me. I love to make games. It has been my life long dream to be game coder and to make games that i would play.

That's all i can think of right now.. I think this should be enough, right?

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Well then, welcome to the board =p You'll find that you'll love this place, I'm sure, it's active and full of happy active pony folk, and your occasional chaos god as well </3

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Thank you!

Oh and please don't turn the roads into soap. It's getting annoying.


Oh surely you jest, everypony loves

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You are most welcome here!


However, now you must hug Rainbow Dash, or else she'll be very sad and destroy the entire universe!



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