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Some vector arts and animation tests

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1. "Horror movie poster"


So I got an art assigment last year in October. I was prompted to make a horror movie poster.

I cant use photoshop to create those normie looking posters, so I brainstormed. What would be a good way to implement ponies but with horror elements....hmmm....the answer was there, we got an episode which is basically a parody of an actual horror movie. Thus, this poster was born.


2. SCP themed vector art (Project 16)


So I had the urge to draw ponies with firearms again and I was really into SCP games and SCP in general, so I made this 4 character vector.

I'd I'm pretty happy about the improvements from my previous attempts

This includes, better body armor vector and better details in guns

I mean just look at this


and compare it to this


How can you not say it's an improvement?

Anyways, here is the actual art


Idk, but I always get carried away into making speech bubbles for characters in a vector.

The kirin is a part of the GOC and the rest are MTF unit Epsilon 11 designated "Nine Tailed Pones"

They even have their own modified logo!


I didnt stop right there

Since I dont like the fact that theyre all wearing helmets which makes their manes invisible.

I decided to make some helmet-less art of them

2 for my friends



And 1 as a raffle prize(held on Twitter)


3 main poses and a total of 5 guns made

This project sure did involve a lot of work

Last but not least, we come to

3. Animation puppets and tests


Overall, I'm doing pretty well. I made quite a lot of progress, even though its still just...you know...the head....

Animation takes a lot of time, especially those damn muzzle expressions. I got bored doing those midway, which is why I started project 16, as a refreshment.

But in the end, its all worth it Id say.

The muzzle expressions are mostly done for the main angles. The basic form of the eyes are done. I'm currently working on the ears.

I really like how smooth the ear rotation turned out to be

Without further ado

Here is expression test 2

And test 3

Finally we have the ear test


Still lots of things to be made, but we're slowly getting there

Alright, that wraps up this art thread.

Got anything to say? Post them down below, be it questions, critiques, or whatever.

If you want to see more frequent updates, you can check my twitter or just visit the poniverse discord server in the user art section. I prefer posting there due to them being....more convenient

Thanks for reading!

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