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general Cyber Security/Information Security


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So, since I'm new here, I wanted to ask just a single thing.

What do you think about cyber security?
These times are harder due corona and cyber threats just expanded widely all around the world.
Do you think people care enough about (cyber)security?

I also have a little project in mind, to bring some cyber security to Equestria!


Let me know your point of view! :) ;)


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Security is never a bad idea. The degree of reliance on it is probably somewhat in step with the kind of activity you participate in. If you don’t frequent areas of risk, you could probably get by with the basic anti-virus stuff. Beyond that, I don’t have enough knowledge to offer an intelligent response because I still get confused opening my email.

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I don't know much about cybersecurity but I'll be taking a class on it next semester which I'm looking forward to. I think cybersecurity is very important for big organizations and less so for individuals, although I realize I should be a bit more cautious than I actually am. Recently here in DC there was a cyberattack on a gas pipeline which shut it down for a little while and a bunch of gas stations ran out of gas... due to people panic buying :yeahno:

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