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planning Ninja RP idea


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I have an idea for an RP about a pony ninja school so wanted to see if this would interest someone.

There are different sorts of moves and that depending on the pony.

To generalise based on my idea so far.. Unicorns are usually best at magical type moves magical and planetary energy are often something they are good with. Some of them are also quite good creative thinkers.

For pegasus ponies anything using flying and that. Wind and in some cases electric type or weather related powers and moves. Smoke and that.

For earth ponies. Earth and grass type powers, nature and the land and quite good at physical moves martial arts. Many are also good with heavy tools.

Starting within the school working with equipment and being taught theory. Then they progress to doing tasks in the outside world. And taking exams etc. 

It also depends on personality ofc (e.g. someone like pinky pie might use a lot of unusual tools for example or use surprise). Tools could be such as cloaks to hide with, objects to trip people up, throwing weapons, underwater breathing tools etc can be used. 

I haven't decided where this school should be located so open to suggestions. Some things may need to be planned in advance. 

Let me know if this may interest you and happy to make changes to it. I dunno but hopefully should be around aha. It is open to one or more.

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There's an OC that I made, which sadly can't access anymore due to the old character database being taken apart. His name is Force Shock. He used to be an alicorn but is now a pegasus who excels in ki manipulation. Not sure where he could fit in...

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