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Hazel browny

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Hi, who here thinks that flurry heart will grow in to her wings,I think she will because having oversized wings for your whole life would be awkward and embarrassing.

besides look at say celestia for example, she has huge  wings but they fit her body. 

also I think scootaloo will grow in to her wings,I think of flurry heart, and scootaloo as opposites.

but really tell me what you think I'm cereos so please tell me what you think!     

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@Hazel browny

The Welcoming Plaza is solely designated for new users to introduce themselves. As such, your topic has received the appropriate title change. 

It is recommended you view the New User FAQ which you can access by clicking the large red bar right above your thread. 

For future reference, any and all discussions regarding the canon G4 universe belongs in the MLP:FiM Canon Discussion section.

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  • The title was changed to New here

Welcome to the forums, I hope you have a great time here!

Regarding Scootaloo, maybe her disability can help her develop in other ways. Just because the main road is blocked, it doesn't mean there are no other paths. Sometimes an impediment in our lives can help us discover new ways, that we couldn't have seen or considered otherwise. There may be an important life lesson to be learned there.

About Flurry Heart's wings... maybe it is like with babies and their relatively disproportionate head size. It will balance out in time.

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