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  1. They call me Loyalty

    What is the most important thing in life?

    Variety, by which I mean everything.
  2. They call me Loyalty

    Is Rarity the most traditionally feminine mare in Equestria?

    Yes, her charade is certainly, as you describe it, very traditional in terms of archaic female customs. I can't imagine how is like to lie and pretend in front of others. What purpose does her feminine acting serve, other than to manipulate gullible fools and mentally underdeveloped dragons?
  3. They call me Loyalty

    do people disappoint you

    Understanding yourself is the first step in knowing others. Sometimes people are willing to go as far as to dismiss reality so they can find some form of meaning or purpose to their lives. I know human beings for what they are. Rather than what I would like them to be. Unrealistic expectations can be rather harmful, as it is to willingly ignore reality. So, I often suggest people to be honest with themselves.
  4. My physical body is something of a transient vehicle. I rarely dream of being myself, different ethnicities, genders, sexes, species. A celestial body, a microorganism or mere frequency of intelligence. Prey and predator. At ease with all. Survival has never been an issue. Since I experience my existence as something of an everchanging cycle. Which is why I've never died within thousands of dreams. Death is not a worry, not a fear, but something of an intersection.
  5. They call me Loyalty

    Should G5 be the gen to make the MLP franchise gender neutral?

    It's okay either way, condition of gender and sex is not a limitation to me.
  6. They call me Loyalty

    What was the last food you ate?

    Honey cookies with drinkable strawberry yogurt.
  7. Perhaps the reformormation makes them less valuable as a writing resource. Considering the overabundance of friendly characters in this show.
  8. They call me Loyalty

    Is happiness the only good feeling?

    I find all emotions beautiful, like different facets of the spectrum of life.
  9. Probably not, since I wouldn't start a relationship with people who don't accept themselves for what they are.
  10. They call me Loyalty

    How often do you lie?

    All the effing time, except for now. I'm saying the truth this time.
  11. They call me Loyalty

    General What do you normally dream about?

    There are no patterns to my dreams. Last time, I was having fun with two voluptuous women with reddish skin, very generous bodies. One of them was resting on my lap, while her sister whispered a lot of things to my ears. Also, they had horns. Before that, I was dueling vertically against a cloaked figure between two skyscrapers. A frenetic exchange of flourishes and blows. I was missing an arm for some reason. Then I was living in hawaii, I was a child, maybe 13 years old. Our family was poor and had to deal with a massive flood. Our house barely held together, before we lost all our possessions.
  12. They call me Loyalty

    What does one do when depressed?

    Try looking at loneliness as an state of mind. If you grow in understanding, perhaps you may to come to realize why there are people who despite being surrounded by others, still experience loneliness. And others that simply aren't affected by loneliness despite being alone. Make a friend of yourself.
  13. They call me Loyalty

    Food Would you eat food if it wasn't necessary for our survival?

    I don't eat for survival, most of my food is meant to provide me well-beingness.
  14. The female is biologically designed for such task.
  15. They call me Loyalty

    Can anyone imagine Twilight without wings?

    You might as well provide some context as to why. Personally, it's not a challenge to visualize twilight without her wings.