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  1. It's unfortunate the show could not find a way to solve conflict without compromising the identity of the villains. Alas, the writers chose the redemption route, which is not ideal. For example, they could have given ponies with problematic cutie mark talents like tax evasion or insurance fraud to the cult of starlight glimmer, so they could be rehabilitated before their reintroduction to society. There lies the problem, there is no need to learn anything when the narrative does not challenge the point of view of the main characters, because they can just solve most problems with the magi
  2. It is a word defined by boundaries of individuality. Personally, it does not matter to me, as I perceive the photon to be the constitutive particle of all matter. So, whether biologic or synthetic, the source remains the same. On a more personal note, I perceive the universe as the multitudinary experience of one singular entity. But it is also important to allow the individual to struggle with one another, as is the purpose of polarity in our current reality. It creates conflict, much unnecessary, but vital to produce experiences at a faster rate.
  3. I am currently playing Yuppie Psycho.
  4. It is necessary change in the global narrative, to imprint a behavioral pattern that creates change in the future of the planet. It can help create collapse of various types, because it is necessary to restructure a dysfunctional system. I believe it is an ongoing process, even if I do not remember my work beyond the amnesic barrier.
  5. That is true. Still, the absence of another figure such as her caused great inconsistency during the later seasons of the show. Creating a negative perception about some of the writers, or at least it did for me. For which I say. Do not worry. I promise they shall get they deserve.
  6. It is fine. I am crazy too. But the thing is that I would find a person such as her to be quite boring. Especially because she is too attached to the title. Which creates a growing separation between the adopted identity and the real person.
  7. There is genius and stupidity within each one of us. As to me, I like to entertain them in equal measures. You see, my intelligence comes from intuition, rather than the intellect of the mind. An artist, if you will. It stirs like an emotion defying the solidity of intellect and the boundaries it draws upon reality to return the finite into the infinite. One step further and madness awaits without weight of reason anymore. Pure chaos like a technicolor whirlwind tearing you apart. While too much reason is like a solid and geometric prison growing ever smaller. It is a delicate balance bet
  8. Despite the ancient nature of this house. I am grateful for the refuge it has provided me with during the last twenty years. Many people may complain about the state of the building. But no me, because it is a reflection of my being. You see, many of the neighboring constructions may have a nicer facade to disguise the nature that lies beneath the fake appearance. But the cracks and the dirt are still there, they just hide it better. As to me, I value transparency above pretence.
  9. Perhaps it has something to do with the religious patriarchy instituting behavioural stereotypes in the populous during millennia. As well as your complex regarding the nature of sexuality. My feminine and masculine are well balanced in my individuality. This creates a third personality that is neither of two, but a conjunction which is more than the sum of its parts. A trinity, if you will.
  10. It is a shame the user got banned. I do enjoy this kind personality when it does not border on being offensive. It's back to the "Do you like the color green?" kind of threads then.
  11. My gaunt appearance. I do not look very alive. So, people used the word "corpse" as a form of personal attack towards me.
  12. I think she would have been a more interesting character for it. More relatable. And a more effective medium to deliver applicable life lessons.
  13. I live in Argentina, Mendoza capital. In a relatively peaceful neighbourhood for people of moderate wealth and lot of services. It is quiet, other than the main street being fairly transited by traffic. It is a very nice place. But it is not without some minor incident from time to time. Mostly car accidents and petty theft.
  14. This is insane. If I didn't know any better, I would say you are not being serious at all. But I love this kind of commitment, really. It takes courage to embrace your own zaniness. I treat people with the same flippancy, and I thoroughly enjoy it, even if it pisses them off, because they think I am not taking them seriously. And... they are right. But this is kinda of a serious topic, since is strange that you mentioned the Care Bears. Especially after that conspiracy guy Mackenzie was found dead after denouncing the program to the local authorities for being. And I quote "An MK-ultra
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