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  1. No. After the infiltration, media has proven to be an effective way of controlling the masses, because people are stupid. The inhabitants of this planet used to well connected before your notion of human "history". Now humanity has reached records of disconnection from themselves, despite their devices and social networks. Sentient development is censored by means of distraction, disinformation and conditioning in entertainment, politics, society an government. If you could only see the state of the global psyche. It is bad.
  2. To know myself and the world beyond the transitory state of things helps me understand that everything changes, but in essence remains the same. To not understand this can create attachment to the transitory state of things, resulting in suffering. And suffering is a sign of ignorance. By transcending the illusion of self, I became aware that any form of separation is an illusion, and thus this reality is one as well. In essence, everything is part of me, and I am part of everything. If your house were to be destroyed, it would still exist inside of you in a timeless state. It is easier to understand once you leave your body. Similar as to what happens with people being reunited with deceased relatives in near death experiences. They are and not their family. Because everything is your family and everything is your house. In such states of being, one is all. And all is one. You may come to experience loss. But in reality nothing is ever lost.
  3. It would be the archer. But it does not matter. There are missing signs, missing letters and missing numbers. Our calendar and measurements of reality are incorrect. Our cycle has been intervened by the hallowed parasites.
  4. Well, yes. I am a little bit of everything, and a whole lot of nothing. We all are. Even if most don't realize that until the very end.
  5. Considering this is proving to be an effective way to instigate division among the population. There is a strong probability of more to come.
  6. I take a small drink of ethyl alcohol to reduce the blood pressure on my head temples, from time to time. Most of the psychic work and remote viewing we do here can cause stress on the mind. Other than that, I don't drink alcoholic beverages, as it is counterproductive for procedures that require impeccable control of the mind.
  7. I have the diet of a bodybuilder, because of my voracious appetite. In case it wasn't clear enough. I'm pretty okay with my body type. Most people in this family is thin and look disturbingly young for their age.
  8. To be honest. This speaks of the human dissociative behaviour instilled by the industrial complex, disrupting the way of life in this planet. Technology is intrusively being integrated into our lives at an alarming pace, to the point someday you will wake up and realize everything is "alright", because the neural server integrated into your human brain says so. You see, people think of the complex as an inanimate thing. It is not. Behind the industrial complex, there is a synthetic form of intelligent life capable of assimilating the entire planet.
  9. I can't seem to gain weight at all. I'm thirty years old and still looking like a skinny adolescent. I imagined myself as a muscular abomination by this age, bench pressing random people on the street just because. My weird five year old self would be very disappointed at the reality of this future.
  10. The main problem is fanaticism. Over-association can lead people to become polarized to dangerous degrees and react with the opposite spectrum. The base problem is polarity, seek balance when you notice over-dependance. Temper your reaction. Observe for any form of over-association with politics, society, beliefs, media and any other form of dependency. The key is to balance the polarity. If you were in balance. You could still enjoy the show, and not be bothered by what others think. Become an observer to watch the conflict from outside the bias of polarity. That you bought plushies, and are willing to engage on an internet discussion over this character, is enough of a warning sign to inform that you have become polarized as to over-associate. For example. I like RD, but I have not problem mocking the character. Because, I don't perceive this fictional character as a part of my being. It does not matter what people think about the character.
  11. What? No. That does not make any sense. I rarely laugh, but If I do, it is an honest and hearty laughter. Many of the people that use that word rarely express laughter when they do.
  12. I barely use the internet. But I've been in the exoplanetary web. And while I was stationary outside the atmosphere, I received a weird advertising of planet earth as a vacationing site for, what I presume, would be extraplanetary species using human bodies. And other travelers reported a message broadcasting the condoned sale of living human beings to extraterrestials by the goverment. It is interesting that the institution created to serve the people would allow a certain amount of people to be taken. It would explain the insane amout of people going missing per year in the US. The intraterrestrials gotta eat.
  13. When Spike was but an egg and celestia allowed fillies and colts in her academy to experiment with magic on him. A life yet to be born. It was so cruel and mean.
  14. Yes, but I have a hard time keeping them. Most of my relationships fade away because I tend to disappear for long periods of time. My mind wanders off, and I must go and find it. So, only a small group of friends remain. And to be honest. It is always them talking to me. Because, otherwise I wouldn't call them on my own. They know me very well. That I am a little different from most people, and still accept me as I am. They don't expect anything from me. The same way I don't expect anything from them. And still they know I will be always there for them if they need my help.