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  1. What Is Your Opinion on Occultism?

    I know it a form of understanding based on the right side of our brain, intuitive, feminine and lunar. It was the predominant form of perception in a dual cycle of approximately 26.000 years, that divided in two hemispheres, marks the orbit our solar system around alcyone. It's known as occultimism since our solar system was orbiting the opposite, or hidden side of the precession of equinoxes, in relation to the center of our milky way. Its conclusion caused a change of mentality and the collapse of atlantis, giving way to the foundation of the ancient civilizations oriented with inclination towards the sun. The left side, masculine, logical and rational. My family neither practices occultism, or paganism, nor belongs to any system of religious belief, patriarcal or other. But rather make use of both sides simultaneously, solar and lunar, in order to learn from past mistakes, and avoid the inner fragmentation that caused our destruction around 10.000 years ago. I don't have an opinion, as I don't see a necessity to judge that which is part of me.
  2. What is the last thing thing that came through your letter box?

    Adverts of two new chinese, and mexican food restaurants opening in my vicinity. As a reminder that is my civic duty to support the local business of delicious stuff. One month ago I dreamt this two will be opening here soon, which is good.
  3. Spoiler I have a theory about Fame and Misfortune

    Fame and misfortune portrays an hyperbolic event to address a vocal minority that likes complaining. Both using exaggeration as a mean to convey a message. They are made for one another, this episode and the antagonistic fans.
  4. Are you happy with your life?

    I'm here to learn more about the complexity that encompasses all my states of being. And my reception is like being super-conductive, you're always light regardless of the state of matter. So, I'm not seeking one state of being in particular, because my well-being is independent from life's condition.
  5. Your life without Poniverse.

    My life without poniverse would be more like my life, just without poniverse. Given how vast is this constant that re-creates itself over and over again.
  6. Things we've believed as a kid

    Everything I believed as a child, I still believe in. My awareness of ideas and reality perceives it all as a whole. It isn't divided by illusive paradoxes of duality or distortions of polarity. It's truly a perfect creation in all its aspects, both ugly and beautiful. So, say I want to manipulate a dream into lucidity and instatly emulate reality, I can. Or, take intelligence outside the organic being. Belief is, for me, metaphysical awareness. It is unconditional, and limitless, unless you decide otherwise. When someone believes god, it creates an aspect of the intelligence of our universe, and colors it with distortions of polarity that are unique to this very being. It's a reciprocal exchange of intelligence. Neither one created each other, yet they both shape each other. Understanding itself. Inside my mind, all is welcome. Because otherwise I would be denying myself.
  7. Your thoughts on anime?

    A form of expression like any other. Some of them are more relatable than others based on each person. For example, using sex in a product dedicated to an adolecent public might help boost up sales. The thing is that the issue here is personal, meaning you should take an introspective look at yourself when experiencing conflict, like in this case. What about yourself is making it so you can't stand the "perverted junk"? It's all in you. Once you're chill with it, you grow up. Shhh, keep it inside you, and try to not freak out. Otherwise the object is perceived as external to oneself, unable to associate, to relate and, therefore, being understood.
  8. General What were you doing just 10 minutes ago?

    Reading my first fanfic Fallout: Equestria. It's proving to be a great exercise of imagination to visualize a real-like reality out of the text, it's just so fascinating to feel the wasteland come alive, as also a reminder of why is so hard for me to write when it comes to describe the rich complexity of a visualization. This is definitely one of my favorite things about reading, the co-creation that occurs between the imagination of the reader and the actual material. It's just so enjoyable, but also challenging to come up with the perfect succession of mental images, something that captures all the senses of such a branching experience.
  9. Why are people nationalistic?

    A way to answer this question would be for you to come into contact with nationalism and let yourself be assimilated by this ideas or distortions. Let the experience shape your being. The answer is a knowledge without words, a form of wisdom that means to be at peace with the unknown. If you find it in yourself, then you'll realize there won't be anymore inner conflict with those aspects our world is reflecting about your being. Let it shape you, don't be afraid, accept the catalyst of the other-self, otherwise you'll polarize due to self-ignorance, judgment.
  10. Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Lacy J Dalton Boundless Skies
  11. What subcultures do you think children should avoid?

    It's up to them, from young children up to the centenarian ones. All children of earth are free to choose their own experience. Even if they sometimes get a little judgy and want to tell each other what to do, that's up to them too!
  12. Twilight will come to learn a very important lesson, nothing is perfect. In accepting and finding peace with things as they are, she will outgrow her one-dimensional self. And become a real life pony. The show ends with a cinematic view of this small-sized horse running freely among pastures unending, and falling off a cliff after forgetting about her wings.
  13. Most family reunions used to be pretty tense, due to our family struggling over power. But that was before most of them passed away. Now there's berely any semblance of one, it's not like this is any different for me. Then there's friends and meetings, all average, nothing too special. They're usually more excited about me joining. I'm not very experienced in dealing with other human beings directly, though my work involves helping them. It's not personal, so it gets kinda awkward when it comes communication, since part of me is always aware of the results to most actions. If anything, I tend to be the strange element. Inside is this vast space, silent, clean, well-attuned, seeing them through and noticing all kind of destortions, making them what they are, this is life. I linger on this imperfections, loving them for what they are. Because without them, they simply couldn't be what they are. All of it, is life. Every moment equal, every moment unique.
  14. General Is it easy for you to say '' I'm sorry ''?

    Yeah, otherwise, learning from your mistakes becomes kinda hard.
  15. You're accused of eating an innocent pony alive. What do you do?

    I tell them they can have their friend back once I go to the bathroom.