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  1. There's a large picture window up the stairs into the second floor, with a side door leading into the balcony where I usually meditate. Most windows have blackout curtains and remain partially closed, since my family does not favor bright ambients.
  2. Yes, if we understand love as an intention beyond the condition of polarity. Unconditional, beyond polarity. There is no preferencial affection, based on the aspects we ignore, or wish to ignore about ourselves. Everything is known as equal. It's indescribable, since it lacks the polarity that creates condition. Or the love in the polar, more partial form, in which the positive polarity is gained at the expense of the negative isolation, and vice versa. To ignore a part of the whole is to not know oneself. So, I often create the negative counterpart in my relationships, if they are positive, and vice versa, to see whether the human being is capable to see beyond the first law of polarity, conflict, and truly access universal integration. I create chaos, and naturally observe if the collective can see beyond the illusion of separation. My intention, which is love, is to bring awareness into reality. And love exists in many ways, some may give life, while others take it away. The key is conflict, it is, how to say, the friction that produces movement, development and evolution. And also time. There are many elements in this life that could be considered harmful, and this, I would also understand as love, an intention of creating conflict that is the driving force of my evolution. Not any different from cold making you look for warmth. So, considering the nature of reality, I would say I am loved by the universe. But this love goes beyond what our ego perceives as "beneficial"
  3. It is basic nature. And nature is my regent and teacher above ideals, philosophies and beliefs.
  4. It doesn't matter. People will find a way to entertain their particular needs either way. The inner conflict of the collective will surface either way.
  5. Feminine and masculine are independent of sex. So, it is possible for both men and women to have this kind of connection with their child. Also, what is true to one person, may not be so for another. In this case, "truth" represents a personal conception of reality.
  6. Because human understanding is limited. That which is foreign may cause unease, translating into some form of aggression as a defensive measure. Such behaviour is natural for humankind, given the current state of our evolution. I wouldn't ask for more. It is preferable to have them express prejudice, racism, mistrust and other symptoms of the limitations of their current awareness, than enforcing a behaviour that doesn't reflect their true nature. Growth comes through the experience of ourselves, the way we are.
  7. Fried, with semi-solid yolk and crisp around the egg white.
  8. I liked the Pirate's Curse, and that's about it. I also played the last one, but it wasn't very consistent in terms of gameplay and level design. Nothing much to say about the characters, personally.
  9. About consciousness retaining the aspects of the personality after a person passes on. It's curious how the soul imprint stores the life history; a mosaic in the likeness of a snow flake. Each one is unique. The fractal-like nature breaks into colors, patterns of information, which are perceived like frequencies of sound, containing a clear image of one's form.
  10. My birthday is like any other day, and so is with my family and friends. There is no special occasion other than the now.
  11. I see reality in nature. But reality is a reflection of ourselves. Some may wonder at the complexity of its beauty. While others trample the ground without thought. So, what do you see?
  12. To work in a human level that transcends the perceptual limitations of sex. Cohesion.
  13. Good to know. For me the pony form is cute, because it was made with children in mind. But she could be attractive if I were to imagine her as a woman.