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  1. They call me Loyalty

    Do you think Fluttershy is Hot

    I can find her hot if want to, I can find all things in all things. If it was what I wanted, but I rarely want things to be, or not. It's fine as it is, how they want to be, ideas. If they want to tell me, I can't force them to, but I can, yet I don't want to or want.
  2. They call me Loyalty

    General Which game is harder? Dark Souls 1, 2, 3, Bloodborne, or Demon Souls?

    I've only finished the first one, but also played 2 and 3 to a certain extent. The archaic control mechanics and poor performance of dark souls make it the harder game. Even though it told me to prepare myself to die, which I didn't, because I was prepared. Then there's the second, more of the same but no the same spirit, not the same essence, greener hands walking the path someone else traveled before. Fearful, yet condifent, but not faithful. Then there's the third, faster steps, faster resolutions. They know what they do, but they do it over and over again, till the soul is tired of being the same. I beat the first bosses but left for something without fear of being born anew.
  3. They call me Loyalty

    Do you buy art to hang it on your wall?

    My friends like to paint landscapes over the walls every new year, making entire rooms into statements of art. My room is painted with tones of indigo and violet. No pictures or other drawings, since I like the walls to be empty for visualizing entire new environments with more ease.
  4. They call me Loyalty

    I think it’s high time this issue of the Friendship School was addressed

    Friendship is spoke of as a doctrine during this season introduction. Which makes it an ideological teaching for this particular grouping, the mane six. But this notion seems to contradict the most basic concept of friendship about being oneself. If you are conditioned by a given education, whether intrusive or not. Then, how do you expect others to know your person, rather than the behaviour you've been taught to emulate systematically? Another contradiction. What was otherwise developed naturally, now is influenced by structure. The structure they proved to be damaging during the first two episodes. If said structure isn't really necessary, then the purpose of a school is also being contradicted by the show. They seem to have chosen an artificial manner of prolonging this generation lifespan and toyline.
  5. They call me Loyalty

    Pinkie Pie is so annoying!!!

    They put up with her because they know she is... special. Didn't you see how they respond to her antics saying "it's just Pinkie Pie" with a commiserating look? Almost like they pity her, the poor thing.
  6. They call me Loyalty

    General Do you believe in Soulmates?

    For me is the knowing of who I am. It's like seeing a part of you in all things, it's perfect in war and peace, in beauty and ugliness. It's knowing love in all its forms.
  7. They call me Loyalty

    Has MLP:FiM experienced Seasonal Rot?

    Part of the reason is the iterative nature of a series with no clear purpose or goal, having the show resolved most characters in a somehow anticlimactic manner. So, what's the point now? To introduce yet another plot device, such as the cutie map, in the form a friendship academy. I'm not entirely aware, but I think it'd be better had they concluded this generation earlier, with stronger emphasis on the resolution of each story and their impact on the world. But, there's always potentials.
  8. They call me Loyalty

    Starlight takes care of Twilight

    It's very nice, but I think that picture would look better with a staircase. So starlight could really take care of her.
  9. They call me Loyalty

    Worst teacher ever?

    Most teachers didn't see me favorably due to my lack of interest or involvement, but they were not bad at their profession. Some of the issues that surfaced in school were result of my nature when it comes to bring out the human qualities in people. There were some altercations with some of them, but having a closer look at their identity, psychology and emotional state, it was possible to figure out the source of the issue wasn't necessarily my behaviour, but rather a conflict inherent to their personal lives.
  10. They call me Loyalty

    Food What's your favorite kind of chocolate?

    Milk chocolate with caramelized caju chestnuts and most artisan chocolates.
  11. Still up to your poetic phrasing?

    (Nice to see you're still around)

  12. They call me Loyalty

    Gaming your favorite video game

    Fallout was one the games of my childhood, remember picking up an old magazine and watching the pictures, since my english was pretty bad at the time. There was something about this game, potential, subliminal hints my intuition picks up on with ease. I knew I had to have it, and so I did with no regrets. Same with the baldur's gate series, planescape torment, the first hitman, quake and more. There's not a favorite, I simply like that which I consider to be well-made, regardless of game genre.
  13. They call me Loyalty

    Fandom is shrinking ?

    All things must come to an end, so new ones can begin. Even our biological bodies will degrade to a point life isn't sustainable anymore. Our universe is cyclical, and because something finishes, it doesn't mean it will be gone forever. But rather till the clock marks the same hour once again. Life is a matter of perspective, but you seem to resist watching beyond change.
  14. They call me Loyalty

    Gaming Would you put yourself in a video game? Or is that too lame?

    I'm proud of him, well done. Now, I don't enjoy the attention of people. But, I wouldn't mind having myself inside yet another game, besides this one we all play.
  15. They call me Loyalty

    How do you imagine yourself in 1-2 years?

    Like a blank canvas where unmanifested color takes the shape of infinite possibility.