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  1. They call me Loyalty

    Movies/TV WTF is wrong with movie critics?

    An objective summarization of the film that is clean from the polarization that so well represent the ignorant human ego. There's only the object, and nothing else. Not even the slightest sign of a mere thought. This clean observation doesn't produce an opinion, it simply observes. Not a sound to obscure the emptiness that is pure perception. In other words, I don't watch movies. But, I do notice polarization in your voice, which is why I think, you and the "critics" deserve each other. Do you understand this reaction? You give it purpose, significance, as do they. So, why do you give meaning to mere noise?
  2. They call me Loyalty

    Do they have smart phones, TVs, and computers in Equestria?

    Technology is banned so society is more dependant upon those who with magical power. Namely unicorns and alicorns. I bet celestia has a gigantic setup from all the smartphones, tvs and whatnots. But there's isn't really any cameras, so the display shows the image of a puppy. Still, she watches diligently over her "people".
  3. They call me Loyalty

    what is your idea of happiness?

    Simple things like a good meal.
  4. They call me Loyalty

    Why doe some people think life is meaningless?

    They may not understand yet.
  5. They call me Loyalty

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    I watched The tree of life.
  6. They call me Loyalty

    What was the last food you ate?

    Homemade chipa. A gift from a friend.
  7. They call me Loyalty

    Have you ever felt you have failed in life?

    I feel I am where I am meant to be. There's no failure or success, but simply what is. The universe moves me, drives me. I don't make the choices, yet, as if by inspiration I'm blown by the wind. Something is key. Happiness, wholeness, wishes, dreams, purpose, goals have never been outside of my being.
  8. They call me Loyalty

    Goths and MLP

    This behaviour is humorously portrayed in the show, by emphasizing on the exaggeration of its characteristics. I understand it as a distortion of personality used to elude the basic human condition.
  9. They call me Loyalty

    How to conclude the never-ending Spike's crush on Rarity?

    He grows up, mature and understand.
  10. They call me Loyalty

    sunset shimmer: like or dislike, and why?

    Accepting yourself for what you are, without need to change it. That's what I see in starlight. She's self-sufficient and in control of the self, perhaps even in control of others. As for sunset. Her character is insecure. She's always looking for redemption and acceptance. I see that dependence on others as a weakness.
  11. They call me Loyalty

    In your opinion, what was the worst episode of MLP?

    The cart before the ponies.
  12. They call me Loyalty

    Dakimakuras what do you think of them?

    I think this people need help. So, whatever helps them.
  13. They call me Loyalty

    Movies/TV Movies you have seen that you are not comfortable with

    Someone left a video in my door some years ago. It showed how a group of people quartered a human body in a bathtub. The whole procedure, water temperature and incisions to drain the body of blood. How to properly cut into each articulation and dislocate the limbs. The body was cut in five pieces with proffesional tools, arms, legs, torso and head, then bagged. I brought the video to some of my friends. Two of them are professional medics. The other is a connoisseur of obscure sites in the web. Apparently the video is know by some, and was real. By what they told me, some individuals find titillation in this kind of expression. There is a sexual element commonly associated with some form of psychopathic behavior. Short after I was approached by some strange individuals, for a time. Then things went back to normal. It is curious that there are records of similar behaviour in my genealogic tree, dating from the 1800, family ancestors from spanish nobility. I remember my great grandmother used to describe her dreams of the gallows with yearning, and how ecstatic she felt each time people was hanged.
  14. They call me Loyalty

    How many wallpapers do you have?

    One, the same one for four years. The wallpaper is a simple combination of hues of indigo and violet.
  15. They call me Loyalty

    Luna's transformations?

    I bet she's capable of transforming into all manner of furries and other awful creatures, like the terrible devil chicken.