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  1. They call me Loyalty

    Why Does The LGBT Community Get So Much Hate?

    Because it isn't understood, nor the origin of sexuality and magnetism beyond the physical. I perceive this as a distortion from the pattern established by nature, product of generational damage of human nature. A symptom of the past caused by humanity itself, mishandling of the feminine and masculine aspects, abuse, repression throughout this story of yours. On a personal level. I have no life experiences that would otherwise polarize me into gaining interest in the subject. My intelligence answered that time will help arrange nature into its course. Also, take into account that human beings, being 3rd-4th density creatures still use polarity as a method of discerning reality. So it's likely you'll still experience the partial positive and negatives that create conflict between your people, rather than the intelligence that understands all things without polarity, partiality, favor and discrimination.
  2. They call me Loyalty

    General Paranormal Encounters [Serious]

    My intelligence came across the overseer thought process who manages and reagents the trial of incarnation on human consciousness. Those unaware, and those self-aware. This conglomerate outside earth seems intent on shaping up infinite intelligence with a personality of its own, by means of recycling human souls over, and over again. Setting up a complex diagram of polarizing catalysts before the process of rebirth and forgetfulness. Till the colors acquire a true hue via life experience. This happened while I was traveling outside my body. I mentioned the harvest, and they nodded " Angelic beings" they accepted this name An interesting form of thought, native to gaia, or earth. Yet, I couldn't help but disagree with their methods of manipulation of the infinite intelligence that is our universe, more specifically, human beings. Yet again, the universe plays with itself.
  3. They call me Loyalty

    General What were you doing just 10 minutes ago?

    Drawing some humanized versions of Chrysalis and Twilight sparkle.
  4. They call me Loyalty

    How are you feeling

    Stillness. I've been hearing a tonal sign in my right ear since early morning. It brought pleasant sensory experiences of home, ambrosia in the brink of fall, quite like a memory you can't remember beyond feeling. Fiery leafs raining into the sky, walking the last steps of a weary soul as I fall asleep in the embrace of my most beloved nature. I stay in the middle, observing the polar tides of humanity balancing one another in the reflective surface of an endless lake. Still and harmonious melody touching all things unconditionally. A love so intelligent, an intelligence so loving, that allows all things to exist into and to itself.
  5. They call me Loyalty

    Do you find characters attractive?

    Even if I were to perceive them as cats, they don't relate to each other. Since ponies have a developed sense of identity and social capacity. Which puts them one octave above felines in the evolutive gradient. If anything, I would treat them like human beings. They can't be natural pets, given the acquired capacities of the being that wouldn't make them compatible with such kind of relationship. If were to have an hypothetical human subject with underveloped mentality, among any other dysfunction of the self, then it's more likely this person would feel inclined to find a relationship with animals exclusively attractive. Since some people isn't ready for the responsability that entails a self-aware relationship between humans. To be exposed to the other. An animal won't expose my patients to themselves by means of criticizing, like a catalyst for personal realization that they aren't ready to handle. But, I think I can understand why someone would feel inclined to perceive a fictional self-aware character as an animal pet.
  6. They call me Loyalty

    How much you would reflect reality into pony world?

    For example, how do you expect ponies to reproduce when they are deprived of sexual organs? It is like translating reality into any form of social construct. Ultimately, it results in partiality, misinformation and fragmentation. So, I wouldn't do it. Because the reflection would be incomplete and ignorant. Like humanity.
  7. They call me Loyalty

    What do you think is needed to earn a cutie mark?

    A manifest of self-realization unique to each creature.
  8. They call me Loyalty

    Hello everybody!

    Hi, and welcome. There isn't much about me, and my social skills are lacking, but I like it to be that way.
  9. They call me Loyalty

    Console or PC?

    I'm not as interested in games as in functionality, even if it is a 10 years old pc.
  10. They call me Loyalty

    Movies/TV Movies you have never seen.

    I've never seen jurassic park.
  11. They call me Loyalty

    Is Queen Chrysalis pretty?

    Chrysalis has been designed to look alien while also being aesthetically pleasing. She's slender, tall, with big eyes and long neck. The hairstyle is arranged in such a way that a lock of hair falls between her green eyes with what looks like eyeshadow makeup. It's not so hard to realize what they were going for with her design.
  12. They call me Loyalty

    Create a stupider MLP episode title than the one above

    This aren't worded like most episodes, but more like a mini sinopsis just for fun. Applejack likes it rough in the backyard. Applejack teaches her sister how to repair door frames, it's an episode about tools of the trade, where she show us how to nail it good. Granny smith unmasks alien conspiracy. We follow the crazy adventures of granny but turns out she is actually senile, or isn't she? Spoilers, gran is senile. Rarity talks about life after death. Looking for inspiration to come up with an ambitious spring design, she requests Zecora's help. Which in turn suggests summoning the spirit of the dead to follow one particular ghost with a familiar dress. Twilight decides to create a friendship school. But her friends turn her down, as one the floral arrangements flies through the window into somepony's hooves. The episode shows us how relationships naturally come to life on its own, much like life on a garden seeded by destiny. Big Mac comes out of the closet, the door was stuck. It's an introspective view on the life of our silent friend where he opens up about the side nobody sees about him.
  13. They call me Loyalty

    Focus on the series limits options and discussion

    Nothing much outside generation 4 has picked my attention. Besides, I like having an empty background when it comes to knowledge of things, it's like seeing a richer depiction of reality where imagination fills the canvas. It doesn't matter whether I'm wrong or right. All paths lead to the same destination after all.
  14. They call me Loyalty

    Unicorn Twily or Alicorn Twily?

    I rather the nerdy librarian, distrustful of friendship of the first season. Like normal girl that isn't a "princess" with a frienship agenda. It's just so silly, and somehow dissapointing to view the potentials that could have been.
  15. They call me Loyalty

    Celestia or Luna?

    Luna's familiarity with the dream world makes her a very relatable character for me. More so than Celestia, in most ways. Also, I'm currently more aligned with the moon than the sun due to some imbalances regarding illusions in my personal life.