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X-files vs supernatural which is better

Reiki Knight 13

Which is the better series X-files or Supernatural   

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  1. 1. X-files or Supernatural

    • Supernatural is the better show
    • X-files is the better show
    • Can't decide between them
    • Didn't like either one.
    • Haven't seen either one.

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Of possibly these two fantastic shows which one do you think is better?

Feel free to not only vote but comment as well.

I myself cannot decide between as I feel both were done to absolute perfection but if you hold a preference of one over the other feel free to explain why.

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  • 6 months later...

X-Files by far, its one of my favorite shows ever. I found the characters more likable and the writing is more mature. Season 1 of supernatural was so good, though. Even in later seasons that I was not fond of at all, there were some gems that I still think about every now and then.

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