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  1. We see this one all the time. Does it mean anything? the right side looks like gibberish.
  2. Yes I love cheese. It's most delicious on pizza and burgers but you can stuff in in pretty much any meal or snack. This is cool:
  3. When you get scared you clench up. Watch scare videos and watch how often people fall down for no reason. It's the same thing.
  4. Fluttershutter

    Technology What kind of mouse do you use?

    I really like a rollerball where I don't have to wave my arm all around and bump into stuff.
  5. I got the mane seven when they came out. Always wanted all three Dazzlings but I think they only ever made Adagio.
  6. I ordered Sunset a long time ago then about a month ago I ordered Luna and Sunset, then yesterday I ordered Celestia and Luna. Luckily I canceled some so only one of each is coming.
  7. Yeah, everything was going as Palpatine had forseen. The one thing he didn't bother with because he considered them insignificant was the Ewoks. Don't underestimate anybody ever!
  8. To each their own but I don't see the point. I hate stiffling clothing and that looks terrible. I'm very sensitive to itching and I hate to sweat. It's fun to fantasize about turning into something else but that just looks super uncomfortable.
  9. I've heard of treating pool water with ozone. I don't know much about it. Supposedly it's better because it's not a harsh chemical. Maybe that's more expensive...
  10. You need to get a shelf.
  11. Usually lay there trying to fall back asleep and fail.
  12. I'm not into compulsion. If it weren't mandatory almost all parents would choose to send their kids to school anyway. I'd say not giving them SOME kind of education is tantamount to child abuse. It would be much better if schools weren't government run kid processing centers and people had more options to learn about their interests in ways that were easier for them. And then there's college. People don't need four five years of extra classroom time to be qualified to be trained for some desk job but the business world has been convinced they do.
  13. There are some beaches where you shouldn't eat stuff in the open because they really will try to snatch it. Other than that they're harmless.
  14. Personally I'd rather just destroy laws. Like 98% of them. So...outlaw laws?
  15. No, her natural hair color is pink. She dyes it to look wise and distinguished. And we all know pony parents magically name their foals after their future jobs. Don't question it, just go with it.
  16. Pockets and wallet(in the pocket). And I have a lunch bag that I bring to work.
  17. I wonder how Twilight would react if I asked her to magically make me a tree who's fruit tasted like animals.
  18. Okay, um... I'd date a pony and I'd date a robot so sure, I guess if I liked her. And I've wondered what it would be like to be "hugged" by a Star Trek changeling. That was addressed on The Orville with Yaphit. One of the things I love about The Orville is that it takes Star Trek things farther, probably too far like we would in real life. Anyway, Orville plug. And grey goo? Well it's not technically grey goo unless it's destroying biological matter, it's just a nanoswarm. And things that could wipe out the human species, if they're gonna do it they're gonna do it. Why worry?
  19. You know what really grinds my gears? Trifold game boards! What the hell is the point of this??? Why are they all made like that now??? They're harder to lay flat and they're just not as durable as older game boards that just fold down the middle. It's the same amount of cardboard. I can't imagine it's cheaper to make them that way. All I can think of is they just want them to come apart quicker so people will have to a buy new one.
  20. Fluttershutter

    Books What wand would you have?

    I don't know wtf is wrong with it. I put in my email and password but the "continue" button just...ins't a button.
  21. So you actually download the files? That's good and what you should be able to do to begin with. I still prefer physical media though.
  22. Very little, especially with covid. I really want some good Star Trek, Babylon 5, or Stargate type shows. The Orville is my last hope I'm impatiently waiting for. I'll probably check out Shadow and Bone.
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