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God source and magic explained.

Samuel L Changeling

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One reason people.may fear magic is that they see it as one of two things.

The first being that it is fake, a scam or a trick of some nature. It appears to be something of the supernatural but in reality is but an optimistic illusion upon the eyes.

The second is of course that it comes from some sort evil power at the cost of the magician or sorcerers soul. A deal with the devil 😈 so to speak.

However neither of these things are true to the nature of at least REAL magic.

True magic comes from God from the source of all.

If your are doing it the right way then you should not feel tried you should energized actually.

You see if the source of your magic is the God source the reason you will feel so energetic is that no matter how much you are trying to accomplish the God source will always have a greater energy than whatever you're trying to co create.

Somewhat like an ant trying to harness the energy of the earth itself if you will. The Earth's resources are 1000's upon 1000's upon 1000's of times greater than one single ant could ever hope to use in one life time. 

Now, perhaps you have used god/goddess "x" or your guide "x" etc for your magic and you've never felt anything evil from them.

There are only two explanations for this.

One is that  said deity or guide is indeed using the energy of the God source and they are trying to slowly guide you more and more towards this.

the second explanation is that they are a fake and have been lying and manipulating you. They are taking energy from questionable sources to put it lightly. In other words you're dealing with a trickster of some kind.

The best way to tell this is to trust what your heart and overall instincts are telling you.

Do you feel sick or nausea when communicating with them?

Do you feel very afraid near them?

Do feel very cold?

If while working with another you answer yes to any of the above question that is HUGE red flag to be aware of.

You should never feel worried or in any shape or form have a "bad gut" feeling when talking with another.

Instead you should good talking with them. 

Just like you do with your friends.

Now, feeling in awe of them is of course a different story as that's not fear that's respect and admiration.

Anyways, getting back to the topic of magic itself.

If used properly magic will never upset the natural balance of energy because it's more like the energy is being transferred from point A to point B. It's not "appearing from thin air."

If you have any questions about this or about Celestianism in general feel free to ask.

I'm going to try to post more on Celestianism later.








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