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My Digital Art Journey...


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For such a guy who has very less time to do art, even in traditional drawing, it is certainly a huge challenge to have these works even exist to begin with. Pair that with little experience, then the struggle feels real.

But regardless, I went on, to see that I'm capable of making my imagined visions come true and here's the small journey of how a classic rookie memer aspires to be a great artist on his own right:

1st attempt: Sylvia 1.0


It ain't much, but my friend asking me to draw her OC despite my lack of proper experience propelled me to do my first ever digital pony art. I never thought that this would be the start of more to come.

2. Derpy


My same friend also asked me to do her Derpy art (which was a trad-art of another digital art she saw online). Knowing that copying the exact same art is basically a lame approach, especially without innovation, I decided to tweak things a bit, and this is the result.

3. OC by the Beach (Not Definitive Edition)


Decided to push myself to the limit and went to digitalize my OC! Upon looking at it, I would honestly say that my old style is cringe (for my standards, since I've changed so much, anyways)

4. Sylvia 3.0


Sylvia is back this time, with a fresh look and somewhat better than the last time. The eyes and shadows, gotta admit, need more work, but hey, at least I knew the basics. Ibis Paint X really doesn't disappoint me with the basic necessities.

5. Blizzard Belle


A random Redditor's OC that certainly made an impression on the community, so much so that her cute antics and calming nature never left my head for more than 6 months or more since she suddenly went off the radar.

Decided to make it in case she sees it, as a reminder that some strangers refuse to forget the memories they cherish dearly.

Turns out, despite low reception, she (UNBELIEVABLY) managed to see it, prompting her to return to the community, all thanks to my small effort to honor her existence.

With some help, I can say that I improved drastically.

6. Surprised Briccachu Face


What came first as a random doodle immediately went on to be my classic abusable meme template for some shocking moments within the Reddit community.

7. Smol Bricc Mk.I


After some alterations and adding the full body, I just managed to roll in the Smol Bricc, Mark I into existence, which is my take on a certain Redditor's "daughter" OC.

8. Smol Bricc, Mark I 2.0


Not contented with the previous Bricc renditions, I went on ahead to draw my most ambitious project yet, resulting in this. By this time, I am still trying to ensure that I would create artworks within less time, which usually isn't achieve, but I'll get there... I hope.

9. A Ponytober Art Challenge Prompt.


This is the only art in the Ponytober Challenge I participated that was solely made in digital, and was digital from the very first sketches. Most of my Ponytober Arts were trad-drawings, which gives a different feeling when I did this without any pencil-paper references, unlike my previous works.

10. OC Reference Sheet


After being asked by the owner of the Smol Bricc for a character reference, and failure to present one, prompted me to make this small reference sheet of the Classic Character I own.

Everything from the character to the colors are manually done just to give one to her, and for others who might wanna try out creating him in their style.

And lastly (or the latest)...

11. Greetings by the 80's Neons


This piece was created with having a decent and original piece to introduce myself to other communities that I plan to join. Although I thought I'd see my friend Sylvia here (Which happens to be on the other community because I misinterpreted what she said a long time ago), it turns out that I'd come completely alone here.

But with the reception I received earlier, I guess that I'm off to a good start for certain, and off to a great future as well.


Okay, this wraps this trip to the memory lane for a while. Soon enough, I think I can share my Ponytober Challenge Progress when I get the chance, but I have some priorities to focus, like improving my art, and improving my public presence on this place. Lol!

Until next time, Kind Strangers!


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