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no critique New ref of my ponysona


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Illustration67.thumb.png.b8b1c75b9a6b329285daba487eb57bff.pngFully New Redesign on my Ponysona
And so new Backstory.

The non reformed part Introduction

Name: Tsuba
: 400
: Changeling
: Chrysalis & Sombra
Affiliation: Villain
: Stealing Love
: Reformed changelings
: She plays the role of the mare do well; But she plans to conquer equestria

The reformed part
Age: 407
Species: Changeling (reformed)
Parents: Chrysalis & Sombra
Affiliation: Bad Likes: Fighting
Dislikes: Thorax and his hive
Story: After reformed because she was starved she went to see the thorax hive and immediately hated their new rules of life, She decided to stay with her mother Queen Chrysalis and continued to steal love as Mare do well and Herself since that the ponies are no longer afraid of her.
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