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Equestrity progress so far.

Reiki Knight 13

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This post is to display progress report on the overall goals and where things stand currently.

First the name for the new MLP religion of Equestrity was overall selected.

Second the motto was done. I said my idea and none objected nor offered an alternative so the new motto for MLP religion is:Harmonia naturae, spiritus et sui

Or in English Harnony of nature, spirit, and self.

Obviously the name and motto interconnect with each other. Equestrity is a play on the words Equestria and the Sacred Trinity of our motto.

I believe what's left is just actually writing out the bible out.

That is the part I'm having difficulty with as I am not a good story teller.

Im not even sure my bible intro is all that good to be honest.

Regardless, we'll figure out something...


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In the Cosmics far beyond their own reality, a Spark ignited from one superior being. An Idea.

There the Spark of Idea has crossed paths and dimensions to others. Created more and more until it became real.

The world was formed,and its laws slowly set in motion. Life began to spring from reality and the first creations was born.... PONY kind.

( these are just ideas... Its not that hard. If you want you xan use this or something.... Base it? Or maybe put it on one of "the Ideas of Chaos.")

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