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What are YOUR values as a follower of Celestianism/equestrity?

Reiki Knight 13

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I just wanted to ask what values you hold for our religion. That is what about MLP FIM or EG inspires you.

I'll start for myself and whoever wants can follow up.

I value the strong leadership of the princesses.

Whenever or for whatever reason Equestria needs them they have no problem with getting directly involved and putting the needs of the ones they serve above themselves.

That's a value of the highest level of heaven to be a leader that tries to teach and show by example a life of service-to-others instead of what we have here where in they focus on service-to-self

Food production seems more of a hooves on thing as opposed to any kind of mass factory farm type of deal.

So honest agriculture so no Monsanto suing farmers for "patent infringement" when seeds accidentally blow into a field for example.

Conflict and wars seem almost non existent and pony kind is united as one. 

A society about peace and unity yet another value.

This is questionable as we don't really know but I would like to point out when she got Hospitalized Dash's biggest worry was boredom not on taking care of her hospital bill.

Which leads to believe either their healthcare is very affordable or is somehow subsidized in some form.

So right there you have a value of good healthcare.

Another value that again is more implied that outright said was the concept of worker rights.

If you pay you notice most of the ponies generally look happy and carefree. All the workers don't seem to begrudge their work.

Very few seem to have the work ethics of zephyr breeze is all I'm saying.

Their world lives off of the values of the elements of harmony to the Nth degree even if they are not aware of it.

So, I guess what I am saying is overall I value that value life more than coin or other selfish desires.





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