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My First Brony Shirt!


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A few months ago, around the same time I bought my first mustang, I discovered the awesome that is mlpfim. Since then all my moneys have Been devoted to making the mustang to faster and well just go forward in general. So the mustang ( I calls her luna) is now complete and to mark this awesome date I ordered my first brony shirt to support the herd!




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Nice shirt! And armament of guns. I can imagine guests...


Guest: Dude what is that shirt you're wearing it looks so gay.


You: *get guns* You were saying?



Anyway, I got only one t-shirt, a Yay shirt from Hot Topic, but 4 new ones from WeLoveFine are gonna be coming to me soon, and I plan on buying pony headphones.

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This is one very well armed , 2nd amendment loving, competitive shooting southern brony! The only thing I love more more than ponies is my guns. Interestingly enough, the guns were on the couch and just happened to be in the best lighting position for pictures and I was to lazy to move them :).



Thanks Chigens and Kay for moving this I had no idea where to post it!

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