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Hello everypony!


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I started watching the show about a year ago and decided to take a greater part in the community overall. Up until now I've only been watching the show. Thinking of creating an OC sometime.... 


Um.... that's about it now. Looking forward to meeting everypony here. 

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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to the MLPforums rhythmicpony193!!!!!!


Please enjoy your visit and your stay and please have a nice day!!!


~Explodes into a fog of streamers/confetti and fireworks~

Okay, that's crazy.  No reply for six hours and then two replies within ~30 seconds.  Did you write that post in the few moments after I posted mine and the thread was bumped?  Or is the universe crazy?

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Thank you both for the welcome! And yes I did create an OC. Her name is Toccata and she has dreams of opening a music store in Ponyville. I still haven't decided what her cutie mark is yet since I don't want to go with the generic treble clef. 

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