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  1. In need of a coder with experience in AJAX. Paying for assistance.

  2. Anyone know a site coder? I have a few questions

  3. Almost missed today's blog having come down with the chills. Instead of a huge snow storm all of Vancouver was hit by heavy rain..amusingly everywhere but my city saw snow. Sometimes I wonder if mother nature likes to troll us or there's something more sinister at work. Beh i'm thinking to much... Night y'all. -Punk
  4. Suppose to get two inches of snow sometime this evening accordng to the news. If it does happen i'll be surprised. Vancouver is probably the only city in the nation to never see snow let alone have a real winter compared to the sods back East. Time to pony up and head to work. Take care y'all. -Punk
  5. Found out today i'm an Uncle to a healthy babygirl. Examorra Jamie Lynn Plumridge was delivered Dec.31st 2014 at 10 AM weihging 5 pounds 8 ounces. Hardly cries and has immaculate skin..when I was holding her today her little eyes opened up and smiled for a good 2 minutes before falling's was an amazing experience. I must saddle up and head for work. See y'all tomorrow
  6. Hot Apple Cider and i'm gonna try a Deutch Breakfast later on today,
  7. 2015 is a fresh start for me. I'm excited to see where my new journey takes me.
  8. Golgo 13 'Take The Wave' by Naifu Deadman Wonderland One Reason by Fade.
  9. The finale of the Sons of Anarchy.
  10. I hit a dry spell too where I couldn't enjoy it but I met some people who brought me around. Dale Segno was one of them.
  11. If you're from Texas PM Dale Segno. He's looking for people from the area.

    1. Ziltoid the Omniscient

      Ziltoid the Omniscient

      The messages are just rolling in. hahaha...

  12. No, because that would be illegal and marrying a drawing will get you locked up in the looney bin.