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Sasha Jane Shy

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Hello There My Name Is JackShy And This Is My Sister FlutterShy Um....Hello...Im....F.FlutterShy

Ye Thats Fluttershy Me And Flutters Here Will Anwser Any Questions You Have And We Will Always Reply

To Your Comments And Messages Or Email And Etc  Just To Let You Know When IM Typeing I Will Put

(JackShy) When i Wright A Question Or Anwser FlutterShys Is (FlutterShy) So Thats It For The Discription See You Real Soon Ok

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Mkay :D.


Welcome to the forums bro! Glad to have you around here!


I can see your a Fluttershy fan, I am myself to actually :D. So YAY :D.


Um I guess thats about it :).


Enjoy the forums!

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Oooh a Fluttershy fan!
Who wouldn't want to love the cutest and yet kindest pony in Ponyville?

Well welcome to the herd!
We are a really kind community, and welcome all of all sorts.
Feel free to check out our forums daily for new updates, you can even start a discusion if you like. :3

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