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Hey Everyone!


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My name is Kim and I recently became a fan of MLP. I really like the show and the style. Really reminds me of the good old days of awesome cartoons. Lauren Faust is awesome :D


Anyways, I love to draw, sing for fun and write too. All my social networking sites (twitter, tumblr, steam and youtube) are on my profile. I have a deviantart too but it's full of old crappy art. I plan to make a new one with better art soon now that I have a table ^^


I'd love to meet more fans of the show! Hope to hear from y'all soon ^^



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Welcome Welcome Welcome :D


Please enjoy your time here with us ^_^

You will fit in very well :)


If you wanna ask me any questions or just wanna talk Im always here if you need help ^_^

So have fun ^_^


/) Brohoof for you :D

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Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay! This place is a great place for sharing art so if you want to, there are many people here who would love to see it!

If you have any questions or just something to say, don't be afraid speak up, this is a very friendly place ;)!

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