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So there I am, browsing this forum, when I see there is a Homestuck General topic. A Homestuck General topic! Imagine! So, I say, "If there is a General Topic, that means that I must respond with hilarious Waluigi pictures!", but then I realize I can do better!



So bam! BITF thread! Brawl in the Family is a humorous webcomic about the wonderful world of Nintendo. It's family friendly, so you can show it to the kiddiewinks without them worrying about eternal damnation. And it's funny! Why not start at the first strip? It couldn't hurt!






Here is an example comic!


Posted Image

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I discovered this one only recently and I absolutely love it. I still haven't figured out if it updates on specific days or just randomly throughout the week though.


I especially loved the Metaknight backstory arc.


It updates Monday(Or was it Tuesday?) and Friday each week.


But yeah, I love this comic. Its one of the few online that's genuinely funny, and doesn't have to rely on adult humor.

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