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Alicorn Silver Mach

Akemi Homura

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Name: Silver Mach

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species: Unicorn (original species)


Cutie mark: Flaming katana with the blade woven with a black fire (think Amaterasu)


Personality: Humble and reserved, Silver Mach will give up his life for the sake of other ponies. His sorrowful past has given him great strength due to his high sensitivity of emotions around him, and within himself. He can and will destroy anybody who attempts to spread malevolence.


Backstory: As a young colt, Silver Mach had been alienated from his peers, not one of them caring about his feelings. His world was currently in times where darkness haunted everybody. There was war, famine, poverty, and hatred not only amongst newly discovered alien races, but also among themselves. However, even without the late Elements of Harmony (the Mane 6), people were trying to reestablish themselves through promoting peace. Mach's parents had died when he turned 13, and the local gifted female unicorn, whom he looked up to at times was nice to everypony, except him. Thinking that if he just talked to her would make things all right, he was reduced to heavy tears after the mare said to him that nobody will ever care for him and that he just annoys others. With his heart completely crushed and his spirit wearing down, he left his hometown, vowing to become stronger than anybody else, dedicating his life to the art of magic and taking his physical and mental abilities to the limit. Along the way, his sensitivity to negative emotion frequently showed and it was a catalyst in improving Mach's magic per day. And one day, his abilities had grown to the point where he evolved into an Alicorn. It seemed like fate had been showing off its mysterious charm as a new, powerful villain was emerging that threatened to destroy all of Equestria... and then would proceed to invade the rest of the universe.


Abilities: Mach has had a very high potential ever since he was a little colt. His magic mainly relies on manipulating the mind and making them suffer internally. In one of these "mind tricks", Mach can trap a person inside an illusion in which the victim's perception of time is heavily altered. This makes for ideal torture conditions. In addition to intense mind games, Silver Mach can fully control fire. His mastery of fire includes making shields from fire, can use it as a lethal weapon (one of the moves being that the fire is expelled from his mouth, and upon making contact, it has a high chance of vaporizing the target with extreme precision and high accuracy), and use it to make solid clones of himself. Silver Mach's physical speed, acceleration, and agility rival that of the late Rainbow Dash. Along the lines of his magical abilities, notably spell casting, is very effective, though is seldom used in combat. Mentally, Silver Mach is definitely not the toughest. His only true weakness is to the fact that he is highly sensitive to negative emotion, thus if he witnesses a truly unsettling event, he will likely collapse as it reminds him of his past. In other words, the pain would be too much to handle.


Other: Mach does not like to fight. He dislikes any form of conflict. However, if lives are at stake due to the malevolence of others, he will step up and take charge at any given time.

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