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Damsel in distress? Uh-oh...

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for those who haven't watched equestria girls and still want to, I would avoid reading this because there is a spoiler

so anyway,
I recently watched a video where the Nostalgia Critic reviewed why princesses get a lot of hate.
He ended the video talking about how female characters have been getting more power over the years and that times are changing. While voicing-over a bunch of strong female characters from other shows and movies, I was disappointed to not see twilight sparkle. It makes sense, I guess. I don't think Doug has watched my little pony, but still, I was hoping to see twilight.
She's a strong, independent female character, right?

Obviously yes. She doesn't need men to help her and usually takes control of every situation she can. She's curious and adventurous and doesn't fall into the category of the stereotypical female character.
But then she was given the title "Princess Twilight Sparkle"
Ok. So maybe she's starting to take the path to stereotype, but she could still be the same strong character. Besides. She doesn't need to be Queen Twilight because Celestia is still there. So it's all good.

but then I remembered equestria girls and how she was given a love interest.
But she didn't need him right? Flash barely did anything.
Then I remembered the Luna/twilight/flash scene. Twilight (a princess) had to be rescued by flash (a gaurd pony in the other world).
Did twilight just become a damsel in distress? Uh-oh, say it ain't so, but in a way, it happened.
Twilight, this character who has always looked out for herself had her knight in shining armor have to come and save her.

After having realized this, could twilight still go into the montage of female characters that Doug showed at the end of his review? Every character that he showed, that I recognized, never had to be saved.
One could argue that in the end twilight saves flash (and the school) but Ariel in The Little Mermaid did the same for Erick...twice, and look how much criticism she gets. I dislike Ariel and I still like Twilight despite the Luna scene, btw, so dont feel I am comparing twilight to ariel. I'm just using it as an example that just because Twilight saves flash, doesn't mean that can get you out of being criticized. 

Also, one could argue that twilight from the show could have been put onto Doug's montage because in the show she never had to be rescued by men. Maybe her friends from time to time, but not a guy. And is arguably a very good role model for girls from her independence and hunger for knowledge.

and yes, someone had to help her out in that situation. but most critics of the movie generally agree that Flash's role in the movie was pointless and could have been cut. I agree. It could have been pinkie pie who saves her or RD or fluttershy. It could have been anyone. But it happened to be Flash. Something that could have been coincidence, but I would be lying if I said it didn't rub me the wrong way.

So overall, do I think they're going to make twilight a princess damsel in distress? Can't say, but I hope not. After the end of season 3, I feel anything is possible.
I'm putting my faith in the writers.
My overall feelings on equestria girls was that I could tell that hasbro had a general outline for what they wanted to see, so I am not placing equestria girl's faults onto season 4. The movie had a much more mature feel than FIM, which I feel could have been Hasbro asking for something to compete with Monster High, which is generally markets to girls older than the targeting mlp audience.
This is just something that caught my attention and thought it would make for a pretty interesting topic.

Thoughts and comments? 

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No. Simple as that. What Flash did to help her with Assisant Principle Luna is no different than any witness would do-he spoke up. It didn't have to be him, but his crush made it a cutsy thing to do. Honestly Twiight showed more fighting spirit than I could recall in a single episode before.

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To me a classic "damsel in distress" is a female character who is completely helpless and can never do anything without a man's assistance which is something Twilight Sparkle clearly is not. Flash did try to help her when she was being framed but Twilight was far from being absolutely helpless in that situation and even if she did need help, even strong independent characters sometimes need help which is something we saw in a couple of Applejack episodes and we may in Twilight's case in season 4. I have had my concerns about twilicorn but I was more concerned about her becoming over powered and the sloppy introduction than the slim possibility of her becoming a "damsel in distress". Even Rarity who is the girliest mane 6 member was never a damsel in distress which we clearly saw in A Dog and Pony Show.

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No. I really don't think she became the damsel in distress.


Yeah, she loves Flash. Everyone falls in love at one point. But does that make us weak? No. Flash did have to help her at some parts, but think about it: she used the elements of harmony HERSELF (along with her friends) to beat Sunset Shimmer. Notice how she also nearly wrestling sunset shimmer to get her crown back.


Plus, she doesn't need help ALL the time. Knowing twilight, she likes to handle things herself a lot. Plus, if anything, I think Twilight beame STRONGER as a princess, and I believe that she will become even more powerful as the show goes on! ^_^

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If anyones a Damsel in distress its Shining Armor, look how he got his flank kicked by two Villains on a row. even his pink girly wife is more macho than he could ever be.

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Well in the Nostalgia Critic defense, it could be that he just did not know about the Twilight becoming a princess and does not keep with the MLP news like we do. Besides, the last episode of season 3 aired on 2-16-2013. NC video was out on 3-14-2013 and we don't even know when he started it. He could of made that video a month before MMC or made it after his last review. Also he may not consider Twilight a princess yet. Right now she just has the title and has yet to do anything to show she is a princess. Ever thing Twilight has done was before becoming a princess. Season 4 needs to be made before we can get an idea of how she well do as a princess


As for the question, I don't think Twilight well become a damsel in distress. Twilight is very strong and does not give up. A new title well not change her.

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I don't think the nostalgia critic watches mlp, so that could have been a reason.


Also, I don't want topic to be taken too seriously. It was just an observation that I had for a part of the movie that I didn't necessarily like. I don't feel that one moment is going to change everything and I don't feel like twilight will stop being the same strong independent character that she's always been.

But at the same time, that's why that scene felt so out of place for me and strange. It felt like I was watching something else. I'd much rather have liked that she figured a way out of it herself by using her wit and intelligence or one of her friends help her, which I feel is more appropriate because of the movie's general tone about friendship. Maybe they could have done it together to further keep the "unity and loyalty" theme going right after they had finished working together to raise her popularity.


But that's just my opinion. 


No. Simple as that. What Flash did to help her with Assisant Principle Luna is no different than any witness would do-he spoke up. It didn't have to be him, 

Which is why I don't really like the scene. It could have been anyone. It coulda been this guy


wait, who the heck is normal norman?  :huh:

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